5 points to consider to improve circulation in the legs

Heat is always a good condition for many people, but for others it is not so, and when they suffer from poor circulation in the legs. We at this time we want to stop at this point, because poor circulation in the legs is worse in summer. Therefore, we want to give 5 tips to get better circulation in summer and can do much better against high temperatures and the inconvenience.

Do not stand or sit too long

An important point to consider is not stand too long without moving. This is because the blood flow is activated and derivatives only problems may occur. Therefore it is advisable to avoid and stay active, i.e. make short walks from time to time without keeping quiet for a long time. The same is true when we are sitting for a long time without moving.

5 points to consider to improve circulation in the legsPut your legs up to rest them

Rest your legs after periods of standing or sitting is essential. The way to do is put up, to regulate circulation and reduce the pressure on the legs. The goal is to make the circulation remains stable legs and is much smoother to rest this part. It is good to do when you get home and while we are sleeping more can raise the portion of the foot of the bed to rest your legs at night.

Cold showers to stimulate the circulation

The cold showers are another good way to recompose the proper circulation in the legs. It is one of the best ways to make your legs rest and activate it again movement in the area. It will be enough with a shower with cold water for a few minutes in the leg area. We can do it once or several times a day. In addition, we can draw creams activating circulation in the area to improve results.

Caring diet

Following a proper diet is essential. Diet not only improve circulation, but also keep the weight because being overweight is one of the greatest enemies of the movement. Constipation is another factor that can alter the circulation. This requires a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fat. Avoid salt as much as possible is highly recommended to improve the removal of liquids and obstruction of circulation for this reason.

Sports activities

Sport is a safe asset that must play when it comes to the bloodstream. As mentioned before, it is advisable to move the legs, as we will be activating blood circulation. We therefore recommend at least a daily half – hour walk. Other activities such as jogging, cycling … are very beneficial and help us get a better overall health. In the case of having a circulation located in the legs, there are specific exercises for the area, we recommend a doctor in each case.