How to make a million? 9 successful ideas that have made happy the world!

successful ideas

Through brainstorming on how to make a million, start-up businesses are often looking for business ideas that are not yet any who invented. At times, it takes a long time, which is not quite appropriate. In fact, it is necessary to stop fantasizing about something special and unique! Who earned a million knows what ideas everywhere, they literally lie under their feet, and they are not worth a lot to refine, to bring to live. How to make a million? You can go several ways.

Proven tips from the world of practice!

1) Navigate to the masses of people. Suggest something simple and easy, what could make life easier whether it is a product or service.

For example, a great idea was born from the company’s Lipton tea sold in convenient portion bags and thread. Then it took over other companies.

Benjamin Eisenstadt, who came up with a simple and convenient method of supplying sugar to the small bags, his idea fell in love with the world.

An ingenious invention, a disposable cup and further utensils, it was created for the purpose of health and health care of America’s population. Just a cup of 1 cent acquired universal access and great benefit, bringing billions of dollars.

And what about the idea of Victor Mills invented a diaper that makes life easier for moms all over the world!

A simple idea from Robert Plata, who invented the wheel to fasten the suitcase and she gained universal popularity and love.

successful ideas

2) In addition to simple solutions, you should pay attention to the development of highly intelligent inventions in industry, medicine, household needs, which will certainly improve the lives. Not to worry on account of their high cost because if your idea is really useful, it will still buy. For example, Apple products have gained worldwide love the convenience and reliability of its equipment, and it is not exactly cheap! Washing machine, which itself washes rinses and squeezes by pressing one button only, and her time more expensive than the usual board for washing.

The idea for the development of high-tech inventions, medicine has its own characteristics, which are not suitable for everyone. Typically, embodied in life is not a quick process and it takes a team of professionals. Therefore, this method is not for anyone who wants a quick profit.

3) Do not despair if you cannot come up with something unique, you can look around and listen to the claims of people that are dissatisfied and what they want. And then think about how to carry out their wishes: Improve the already existing product or service

So did Joshua Harris, who created a new, more convenient version of the plastic cover for the cup of coffee. The problem was that when buying a cup attached to it separately sachets with sugar and cream, which had to be, put somewhere. Joshua came up with a cover design, in which there were special holes for them.

Ideas for millions!

Next, look at a few ideas to millions of which are very relevant in today’s market that you can try to implement by adding his own interpretation.

New tourism like adventure!

1) New ideas for the tourism industry. Since I like to travel alone, to lay interesting unconventional routes, it is an idea close to my heart. Now mainly in the tourism market offer package tours that offer the travel, accommodation and meals and excursion tourist plans on their own.

Travel Essence – is getting bright impressions and new approach gives a lot of emotions. How to make a million in travel? The tour operator came up to create custom tours of the chamber for the interests of large groups of no 10-15 tourists. Someone who likes historical values, beaches, surfing, and impenetrable trail – the route can be assembled piece by piece – denoting that it wants to get from traveling and in what part of the world to visit. For such travel would like to pay money!

How to make a million on the Internet?

My favorite topic – is an online salary, so the following ideas in a million – its Internet projects!

1) When goods and services through the services offered to buy at deep discounts, everybody wins. There use as suppliers of goods and services – they promote themselves to customers they use the services at discounted prices and service that receives a percentage of sales.

2) Tools like YouTube or other free services where you can see free movies listen to music, download useful material. The only service in return offers useful information see the advertisement. By which he collects millions of revenue.

3) Service for delivery of apartments, rental homes around the world. Help service is that it helps landlords find customers. The site is like a mediator between them passing through all payment. When the client receives the service, the service pays the money to the lesser. Service acts as a guarantor to the reliability of service delivery. There is also a proven customer review, which minimizes the risks of choice of housing.

4) The creators have come up with the following idea; they gathered people who share useful information with each other. For example, they talk about how treated for some disease, which hospital is best how the drug, what results were obtained. Complaints, statistics, and other medicines used to communicate the results “sick” data service sells pharmaceutical companies as market research. This information enables companies to improve packaging, product, and supply of medicines. That is a principle selling complaints of people; it can be extended to all sectors of activity.

5) Service The Ladders. The idea was born in the United States after the analysis of recruitment agencies to recruit staff. The usual way to get a job when the job seekers post their resumes and employers to pay money to access them, the creators of the service look from a different angle and come up with next, companies placing promising job and the applicant pays for access to them. The site has become very popular; as a result, to get even the employers have to pay contributions to it.

6) The idea is that for a small fee to be registered and you publish your idea. In order to raise funds for its implementation, asking for promises to do something specific for their investors. Something likes political elections when voters vote for the deputy promises to improve specific areas of life. People are reset and ideas are realized.

7) Which proposes to offer his idea in a certain area? For this idea vote the best ideas for a vote handled the design team. After the vote on the website for the best design to translate the ideas proposed a prepayment for the purchase of this product. When dialed a certain amount of goods produced and sold to those who ordered, and the rest of the stores. Here, in addition to earning the project as authors of the best ideas, and designers to translate.

8) If you want some interesting idea for a business, then I recommend reading the section startups. Maybe not every idea will bring success. Only through trial and explore many ideas, have a better chance to come up with your own.

How to translate the idea into practice?

Once invented the idea of how to make a million, you need to go through the following steps:

1) It is necessary to focus on the idea. If you have some ideas, you have to choose one and focus on it alone, but it can bring a successful result. Well, when a lot of ideas, but we need to work effectively only on one. Right to work is not necessary on multiple projects, it disperses attention and no good there will not be. It is necessary to bring one idea to its logical conclusion – the successful implementation or failure of the failure, then it is necessary to switch to the next.

2) The idea itself is worthless. Value comes after when you start to do it. For its implementation need a successful team. What is a successful team? These people are obsessed with the idea, willing to work hard just to realize it.

3) It is necessary to understand your audience, the people who want to give something. It is important to understand it: who they are, then live, what they want, how they want it, you’re going to do. One notable example was the creation of Facebook, which was originally created for the purpose of acquaintance with the opposite sex, which is very convenient to view photos, interests, etc., so the service, answering the interests of the audience gained popularity all over the world.

McDonald knew the audience: people in a hurry, but they want fast, eat, while a health concern. For health monitoring in the menu prescribed calorie foods, which makes it possible to take care of proper nutrition. With customer care sellers, taking an order, always ask an additional question from the series: Do you want cheese sauce? And what will you drink Coke or Pepsi? Or cherry pie for dessert? The so attentive specific issue raised sales significantly.

4) Work on quality. If the desired product and quality, it was marketed not need to be in place to line up behind him.

For example, Swiss knife with a set of various functions. It cannot use all of the functionality, but it is prestigious to have such a quality knife.

5) Create a business model – it is a way how to get earnings, the key to success. It includes a customer resources advantage, partnership, sales channels, activity, cost structure, revenue streams.

It is implemented in two ways:

  • First, make a product and then sell it;
  • The first sell, sign a contract, and then only to produce.

6) The channels of sales distribution. It is important to find the right sales channel. For example, online games are an excellent channel social networking.

7) Marketing in the initial stage of development of the idea is to be creative. Best of all, when you spread the idea through opinion leaders, people with authority, for example, bloggers with the huge signature move was the company Buy Coupon. They spread their coupons in magazines after activation coupon gift coupon given money that could pay for purchases. As a result, own gift money worthless, but the client was paying real money for the purchase. For sale by gift coupons soared at times.

It is important to position the product as required; it should have a catchy story, clings to the soul. The format of the presentation is already boring, so it is important to be able to talk briefly about your product so that about he wanted to know more. The history of such people to each other could recite it, because much easier to remember an interesting idea, than the charts and figures with a presentation.

Bright approximately a story about carrying case, many people buys iPhones and then go all the same. Short-story slogan covers – “Be different, different!”

8) Resources. In order to begin to make a product, it is not necessary to wait for a grant or immediately rush to the search for an investor. You just have to start something to do, and look for investors when the product is already partly done. What can you offer to investors?The most valuable thing – a stake in the project. Therefore, attracting investors should not sell large proportion, the optimum level of 30%.

9) Competitive Advantage. A successful project is not successful in the distinguished presence of small features, benefits. The popularity of network Facebook acquired on the free useful material, music, video, does not exist in other networks. The operating system is popular windows presence of a convenient platform which is convenient for many applications. The quality advantages can also be expert staff members in the team and others.

Take something that exists and do the opposite, which also can be fun. Practice willpower and you for sure will succeed!