Find out if they have plagiarized your work with Plagramme

With the popularization of the Internet and, in general, of digital media, the famous technique of “copy and paste” has become the basis of the “creation” of content, whether informative or academic. For this reason, during the last decades, different tools have emerged that betray anyone who has taken ownership of the work of others. Plagramme is a powerful plagiarism detector that is presented as a representative example of all this.

Check with Plagramme if your work was copied

It is an online software that helps us detect cases of plagiarism in a simple and efficient way. It is able to review about 14 trillion web pages, articles, books and publications. Founded in 2011 and located in Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania), it provides support to clients from more than 90 countries, being the first genuine multilingual plagiarism detection tool.

Focused especially on the academic field, this plagiarism detector  collaborates with several universities in order to improve their services and create new plagiarism tools. Some of them are in Brasilia, Hong Kong or Portugal.

Highlights its sophisticated scoring system, by which each report is scored with a similarity score. It also includes a plagiarism risk scoring mechanism, which shows the risk that our documents run of being copied; It is capable of detecting up to 94% of danger.

Another of its great advantages is its paraphrase score, an exclusive service of this system. Likewise, Plag helps us correct and edit our texts quickly, avoiding the re-sending of documents and related costs; The customer only pays for additional services if requested. In addition, users can download the corrected documents with the original design, preserving the style and format, editing them directly on the web.

The system highlights matches by a color classification, highlighting the correct sentences in green, the paraphrase in orange and the incorrect sentences in violet. All this by positioning links to the sources related to the matching words in the text.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Plagramme users can get credits for free just by sharing their experience with this website on their social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Gmail) and communication channels such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot. With them, they can cover part of the expense required to obtain the detailed report offered by the tool only in its payment method.

This system also has an accurate plagiarism detection algorithm capable of verifying documents of up to 1000 pages, using in turn a secure SSL navigation technology.

This tool is fundamental for the work of very diverse educational institutions, which require constant verification of their documents in search of any possible plagiarism attempt that violates their contents.

In Plagramme have developed this solution to automate the entire complex process of prevention of plagiarism in any institution. Among other things, they offer a level of document processing on an industrial scale, as well as an API solution for a better integration of their plagiarism prevention technology with the learning methodology of the institutions. Likewise, they approach any customization solution, so that the institution in question can adapt to the one that best suits their needs, as well as a multilingual solution to detect similarities and prevent plagiarism. All this not to mention that the average verification time is three minutes.

This plagiarism detector will become a great ally. Do not you think?