7 curious works for those who pay you and have fun

The jobs of the future, the jobs that have a hard time filling their vacancies, and then there are the curious jobs that many of us would like to dedicate to because their performance seems fun and closer to leisure than effort.

It must be wonderful to get up in the morning and know that you are going to a place where others would like to be in your skin, or that they do not even know about the peculiarity of the work. It’s the best thing that can happen to you in the workplace: do what you like, have fun and get paid for it.

We are educated to work in a profession with work experience

They educate us to earn money, or if we are realistic, we work in places and doing things that do not satisfy us but there is no other remedy. You have to pay the mortgage, eat, if you have children give them the basics, in short, life is hard.

But privileged people or people with vision work in positions that sound like a joke, but they are jobs as serious as an accountant, only more fun. This does not mean that an accountant does not enjoy numbers. Let’s go to the point.

Work output, work output. That is the question that most poses a student at the time of choosing a career or a degree of professional formation.

Then there are other types of people that go further, and these are the ones we present to you now:

1. Models of feet, hands, or specific parts of the body. The agencies need this type of profile for ads for specific products: hands, feet are the most sought after. Advertising agencies raffle them.

It can be a job to complete your base salary, and if you really are good at leaving your previous job. In the cinema models of this type are needed, as well as models of lights.

2. Ice cream caterers No, it’s not a dream or a profession of a Pixar or Disney movie, there are ice cream tasters. And it’s logical because before we eat one meal or another, someone must have tasted it. Louise Bamber, 40, has been a production manager for the British supermarket chain ASDA for nine years. He is responsible for his 270 types of ice cream.

3. Professional hugger I know it sounds like a joke. Or that can lead to misunderstandings, but unfortunately we live in a society where hugs are not quoted upwards. It is sad, but there are people who are never embraced and it is necessary for both physical and mental health.

The Snuggle Buddies, is a company that was born for this purpose: to offer the services of people who give hugs to lonely souls. They also offer a service to accompany people who do not want to go to places alone. There is no sexual connotation in this business. Only hugs and company.

4. Honor card. This figure is more typical of countries like the United States, but since everything ends up being imported, it can be a good outlet for those who like these events and have fun dressing up as the bride wants.

Jen Glantz , born in New York, is usually maid of honor at 40 weddings every year. What started as a reflection: she was always the maid of honor, it ended up becoming her profession. There is a movie or maybe a thousand films with this theme, but gentlemen exists as a profession not as a hobby And Jen proves it with her company Bridesmaid For Hire

What’s wrong with being something eccentric? You can not be creative, innovative and all those things if you’re afraid to think, feel and be different.

5. Golf balls diver. The golf courses are full of lakes and golfers are not all cracks of this sport, so many balls are within those places. Someone had to pick them up.

In Uruguay, there are two brothers, Daniel and César Barreiro, who put on their diving suits and rescue those bad blows. When the Barreiro rescue them, they donate them to the club and they are used for the children’s golf school.

6. Pet food catcher . The truth does not sound very pleasant, but it is true that Simon Allison is dedicated to it, trains and accustoms his palate to improve the food of our pets, for him his favorite food is that of the luxury cats, the chicken with vegetables.

Simon Allison is a star in the fun and curious trades. He has fun trying this type of food.

7.Photographer of curious animals. If you are a lover of photography, maybe you can be interested in the branch that is responsible for documenting certain species to donate to major scientific journals, you can practice the profession you love and, in addition, you can be close of phenomenal species that not everyone will have the possibility of knowing.

It is not surprising that in times of economic crisis, if you are organized and you plan the business well, that frustrated vocation or that job makes you happy because there is a part of fun that your previous job did not have. Maybe, you earn a little less (or not) but when the alarm goes off, you wake up with a smile instead of a headache.