Common Reasons For MOT Failures

Many UK car owners are not aware that one of the most common reasons for a refusal on MOT is failure to make sure that all the necessary safety and vehicle checks have been carried out. It is surprising just how many people do not carry out basic checks to ensure that their vehicle is as safe as it can be, particularly when they consider the small sums involved in the annual fee to be paid by the driver. Not checking all the safety issues is the main cause of MOT failure because when the MOT turns up there are a large number of items that need to be checked before the motor will be accepted.

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It is surprising just how many people fail to check the windscreen wipers and also the number plates when they go for a MOT. It is vital that these items are replaced if they are damaged as the MOT failure means that the vehicle will not be allowed on the road unless it can be repaired. If there are any problems relating to the number plates, lights or windscreen wipers then these items will all need to be replaced. If there are a number of items that have broken, or if they cannot be fixed then the MOT will fail and the car will not be allowed on the road. If you need to get your car in shape, consider Injector reconditioning Northern Ireland at

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Brake lights, indicators, and brake pads are also very common reasons for MOT failures. If you use the brakes with faulty components then this will mean that the brakes will not work properly and could also mean that there is something wrong with the brake system itself.

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