Cleaning Your Digital Camera Sensors: The How and the Why

My official advice is simple: don’t get the sensor dirty in the first place and, if you do, get it professionally cleaned. Even if you’re only a keen amateur, it’s well worth the expense of a professional clean every year or so to keep your investment in good working order.

Cleaning Your Digital Camera Sensors

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That said, if you’re reading this you’ve probably already decided to ignore my advice and have a go at cleaning your sensor yourself. So, in this article, we’ll be looking at a few of the different techniques for doing just that and some of the key points to remember.

General Hints and Tips

– If you have a recent Canon DSLR, you can almost certainly ignore this article as your camera already cleans it’s sensor automatically every time you turn it on. The camera uses very high-frequency vibrations to shake any debris from the sensor aided by anti-static coatings which hopefully repel dust in the first place.

– Always make sure you have a fully charged battery before trying to clean your camera’s sensor. This is because you need power to keep the mirror up and out of the way.

– Only ever use proper, purpose-made cleaning products which were manufactured for the purpose in a clean environment and sealed for protection. As this writer for All Things Photography found out, dirty cleaning equipment will only make matters worse.

– Never use canned or compressed air to clean a sensor directly. The force, propellant and low temperature will cause irreparable damage to the sensor and related electronics.

Doing the Deed

Professional photographers such as Bournemouth wedding photographer all have their own sensor cleaning routines, and it’s fair to say that the actual task is not technically challenging although it can be fiddly.

Above all, remember to be slow and be gentle. You should always start with the least invasive and softest option to avoid any possibility of damage to the sensor before trying other methods if you haven’t managed to get things clean.

This means starting off with a blower or vacuum, which are perfect for removing loose dust and debris. If that is not effective, you can move on to options such as brushes and then ultimately a wet swab if there is no alternative.

Lingerie Tips to Help You Feel More Confident

The age old complaint about ladies not looking their best in the morning is a complete myth. Who says you can’t wake up to a new day feeling and looking fabulous? Sometimes all it takes is a quick confidence boost. This doesn’t mean having to run to the bathroom and secretly slap on some makeup before jumping back into bed again, but by wearing something that’s going to make you look and feel fabulous.

Lingerie Tips to Help You Feel More Confident

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In the same way that wearing a nice outfit can lift your mood and self-esteem during the day, wearing something flattering and comfortable to bed can make you feel like a complete goddess. So, let’s take a closer look at a few bedroom fashion tips shall we?

Luxury Lingerie

Wearing the right kind of lingerie can make a massive difference to your body shape AND your confidence. It can slim you in at the waist and highlight your curves in such a way that anything you wear on top will look flattering. Wearing the wrong bra size on the other hand, can have serious negative effects on your overall look and even your health. You may experience back, shoulder and even neck pain as a result of wearing an ill fitted or poor quality bra. Instead, invest in luxury lingerie such as the gorgeous Prima Donna Deauville Bra from

Short Robe

If you would like some extra cover, or perhaps it’s the middle of winter and things are getting a little…nippy, you may wish to opt for a short silk robe. They can look incredibly classy and many feature laced edging for that extra touch of detail.

Silk Nightdress

Nightdresses are not just for old ladies. They have made a huge comeback this year and are definitely a bedroom must-have. If you prefer, you could opt for a racy camisole instead. Many women wear their camisoles underneath their regular clothes. Cosmopolitan claims that a blazer over your camisole is the perfect match, making you look and feel ultra-feminine.

Make it a Surprise

If you’re not a fan of lingerie, you may wish to hold off until a special occasion arises. Perhaps it’s your husband’s birthday, or your anniversary is coming up around the corner. According to All Women Talk, keeping lingerie for special occasions can make it a lot more special. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to be in a relationship to benefit from the silky touch of a gorgeous chemise. Confident women “don’t need a man”, so don’t be afraid to wear whatever you like to bed, even if it’s just to get some much needed rest after a long day in the office!

Free Electricity? Rare, But it Does Happen

Okay, so there’s no such thing as free electricity – of course there isn’t. However on 11th May this year something extraordinary happened in Germany, when industrial electricity customers found themselves actually earning money for the energy they were using.

Free Electricity

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Widely reported in the press, this unusual situation came about for a number of reasons.

87% Renewable Energy Production

At one peak point over the weekend of May 11th, Germany was able to meet 87% of its domestic energy needs from renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydro. Even for Germany, which aims to generate its entire electricity supply from renewables no later than 2050, this is an unusually high figure.

This peak in production was due to an exceptionally sunny and windy day providing ideal conditions for the country’s solar and wind generation facilities.

Germany, of course, is not alone in its quest to increase the use of renewables. In Northern Ireland solar panels are becoming more common as companies install solar panels in Northern Ireland to generate more green electricity there as well.

Reduced Demand for Nuclear and Fossil-Fuel Power

This peak in renewables led in turn to a reduction in demand for power generated from nuclear and fossil-fuel powered generating stations. The grid needs only so much electricity and, with the demand being met from renewable sources, there was an understandable desire to shut down older, more polluting and more expensive to run power stations.

Unfortunately, these generating stations, particularly nuclear, oil and coal powered plants, are not able to react as rapidly to changes in demand for their power as the peaks in renewable production increase. This situation leads to an excess in supply and potential overloads in the power grid as, quite literally, there is more electricity being put into the grid than is being taken out of it by consumers.

The Solution: Negative Pricing

In common with all countries, Germany’s national grid solves this problem by reducing prices in periods of low demand and high production so that more electricity is used. In extreme situations, the grid may even cut pricing for high-volume users to below-zero, effectively paying them to use electricity, to protect the system from damage due to overloading. This action helps industrial users who find that the more electricity they use, the more they earn.

Pressure on Logistics Industry to Improve Technology Adoption

Senior figures in the logistics industry came together at a Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) event recently to discuss how transport must become streamlined more rapidly by the effective integration of technology. Members of the education, automotive and 3PL (logistic services outsourcers) sectors were present to discuss how technology can make the management of goods more efficient. Continue reading Pressure on Logistics Industry to Improve Technology Adoption

Five Ways to Get a Bright, White Smile

Cleaning your teeth regularly is the best way to a healthy smile, but there are also a number of other lifestyle choices that will help to keep your teeth and gums looking good.

Five Ways to Get a Bright, White Smile

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Eat the Right Stuff

We all know that a healthy balanced diet is good for you, but did you know that some foods are particularly good for your teeth and gums? According to, foods that contain calcium, vitamins C and D, omega 3 and nuts all help to reduce gum disease.


Hit the gym at least three times a week if you possibly can. Not only will you improve your waistline and your overall fitness, but you will also reduce your risk of gum disease. A study published by the Journal of Periodontology found that people who have a good level of physical fitness are less likely to develop gum disease.

Avoid Stress

Easier said than done, perhaps, but if you can reduce your stress level your teeth and gums will thank you for it. Recent research shows a link between raised levels of cortisol, the hormone released by the body as a reaction to stress, and gum disease.

See Your Doctor for Regular Check-ups

We all know that regular visits to the dentist are essential if you want to keep your teeth in tip-top condition. Seeing your doctor regularly is also recommended because early diagnosis of a range of illnesses can help to prevent the spread of gum disease. Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease are also linked to gum disease. They are all chronic inflammatory diseases, after all, and the early detection of one can help to prevent or at least to treat the other.

Wear a Brace

Thought braces were just for children? For invisible braces for adults, try Invisalign. Custom-made, they’ll straighten your teeth unobtrusively. If you are looking for Invisalign in Dublin, can help they are a Dentist in Dublin.

Quit Smoking

The fact that smoking is bad for your oral health will come as a surprise to no one. As well as causing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, smoking tobacco will also increase your chances of developing gum disease and reduce the effectiveness of any treatment you are receiving. What’s more, it makes your teeth yellow and your breath smell – great reasons for stopping.

How to enhance your body image

Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, but if you have low self esteem due to concerns about the shape of your body or dissatisfaction with your features, it could make all the difference. There are many cosmetic and reconstructive treatments available, including surgical and non-surgical techniques that can enhance your appearance. Some procedures can be done with minimal incisions, making recovery time much quicker.  Once done why not treat yourself to a nice new pair of woman designer jeans?

How to enhance your body image

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Before deciding whether cosmetic surgery is for you, think carefully about what you expect the outcome to be, and whether it will be worth the investment to you. According to research conducted by David J Castle, Roberta J Honigman and Katharine A Phillips most people are happy following cosmetic procedures, although those with unrealistic expectations may be disappointed.

Some of the procedures available

Whether it is your face, your breasts, your abdomen that you are unhappy with, there are procedures to help improve your body image. These include:


This is an eyelid reduction that removes surplus skin and fat in order to create a more alert appearance. The swelling and puffiness that often appears in the morning can be reduced and the facial appearance generally improved.


If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your nose it can be reshaped to complement your other facial features better. This is a very old procedure and according to the Science Museum it was developed in around 500 BCE by a Hindu surgeon in India.


This procedure to remove or reduce wrinkles and lines by removing skin that has lost elasticity is very commonly requested. It can restore a more youthful look and is particularly popular with women. You can also have a neck lift.

Brow lift

This can reduce drooping of eyebrows and the hooding of the upper eyelids. It can soften creases on the forehead and remove wrinkles.

Ear surgery

If you are unhappy with the shape, size or position of your ears, this may be the procedure for you.

Breast surgery

If you feel your breasts are too small you can choose breast augmentation to make them fuller. Breast reduction can also be performed if you feel that your breasts are too large in proportion to the rest of your body. Sagging breasts can be improved by a breast lift.


Unwanted fat can be removed from various areas of the body such as the thighs, arms, hips and buttocks by suction.


This procedure is also known colloquially as a tummy tuck in Essex and surrounding areas. Excess fat and skin is removed from the abdomen and the muscles are tightened which gives the abdomen a flatter contour.
Whatever surgical procedure you choose it is important to discuss the options with your surgeon so that you have a clear idea of what can be achieved and how you are likely to be affected. You could ask to see photographs of previous operations performed by the surgeon if you are unsure of the kind of results to expect. It is also worth asking if you can see reviews or testimonials from previous patients.

How Can I find a Predicate Device for my 510(k) Submission?

When completing your 510(k) clearance submission for FDA approval, you will be required to demonstrate that your device is both safe and effective. According to the rules and regulations of submitting a 510(k), the FDA states that you can prove the effectiveness and safety of your product by proving its substantial equivalence to an existing legally marketed device, otherwise known as a predicate device.

How Can I find a Predicate Device for my 510(k) Submission

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What is a Predicate Device?

The predicate device must have been legally marketed before 28th May 1976 and obviously pre-approved by the FDA. According to Device Watch, when submitting your 510(k), you must accurately compare and associate the similarities between your device and that of your predicated device. The devices do not have to be completely identical to each other, but rather, they must share similar aspects such as intended use, energy used, deign, performance, standards, labelling, effectiveness, safety and other relevant characteristics.

How to Find a Predicate Device

Finding a suitable predicate device is usually the stage of the 510(k) submission that most applicants dread. However, it is actually quite simple to find one since the FDA owns a huge database that contains a list of previously cleared 510(k) devices and this list is constantly being updated. To find which of these devices is suitable, you must take your product code and search for it in the Product Code Classification Database. This will then bring you to your specific classification of your device and you will be given a list of similar device types previously cleared by the FDA 510(K). You can also search for manufactures names, devices and other search terms to find a suitable predicate device to your own.

510(k) Clearance Guidance

People are easily intimidated by 510(k) clearance. It seems like a mountain of a task and one better left to the professionals. A huge drawback is the sheer amount of time it takes to have your submission cleared by the FDA. This process can take months to complete. To avoid the long queue of stacked 510(k) submissions, it’s probably a better idea to choose an Accredited Persons to help instead. These are FDA approved companies to help with FDA 510k Clearance submissions. Third Party Review companies such as fdathirdpartyreview are able to review your submission and forward their findings to the FDA. This works out to be a lot less time consuming because the FDA are obligated to respond with their final decision within 30 days.

4 Shocking Medical Devices Approved by the FDA

Following the completion of research studies carried out by Clinical Research Associates from professional clinical solution providers such as, new medical treatments and technologies must be approved by the FDA before they can be marketed in the U.S. This process can take months and many of these treatments are rejected if they are not proven to be both safe and effective for human use. Continue reading 4 Shocking Medical Devices Approved by the FDA