Reasons for having Dermal Fillers

It’s not just women who are enjoying the benefits of dermal fillers, men are getting in on the act too. Amazing results can be achieved with the small injections, making people look many years younger than their age. The substance used is perfectly safe too, as it occurs naturally in the human body. The gel-like filler is injected with tiny needles into areas where fine lines and wrinkles are causing you issues. It adds volume to the face and makes up for the natural loss of collagen and elastin in the skin that happens when we age.

One of the reasons people choose this treatment is because they feel that their appearance is not matched by how youthful they feel inside. They might have a special occasion or event approaching and would love to look their very best for it. As fillers are so quick and easy, they make the perfect option for someone who has an occasion coming up. There is usually some light swelling for a couple of days after, but if you allow a couple of days before the occasion, you’ll be looking great in no time.

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It’s also the ideal solution for those who cannot have a full facelift. Such a procedure is normally not needed until over the age of 50. For someone who has their heart set on a facelift, fillers offer a temporary option until they are over the age of 50.

Some people may not want a full facelift, in which case fillers are a useful alternative. Scheduling in the time off work for a facelift is not easy and the cost is often prohibitive too. The time needed for healing and recuperation is also not easy to schedule in for busy, working adults.

Although fillers cannot replicate the effects of a full facelift, they are more financially viable for many people and provide highly effective results when injected by an experienced professional. For Belfast Dermal Lip Fillers, contact

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Another reason for people to have fillers is to get an idea of what they would look like before committing to having surgery. It’s a good way of judging your appearance without spending a fortune and not liking the permanent results.

Always seek the advice of a certified professional and get to know them so you feel comfortable during the procedure. A professional will know exactly how much filler to use to get the best results for you. Don’t be tempted by a super cheap deal, always book an appointment at a certified and experienced clinic.