Six of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations

Royal wedding fever has the country in its grip, and the beautiful ceremony for Prince Harry and his bride, Meghan, has inspired couples to plan their dream celebration. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so it’s no wonder that some lovebirds are planning something a little different to make their special day really stand out.

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Here are six of the top romantic wedding destinations to whet your appetite and perhaps encourage you to dream even bigger when it comes to your big day.

1. Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, Machu Picchu

Dare to be different and head for the Andes, where you can make your vows against a stunning mountain backdrop to the gentle strains of traditional Andean music.

2. Half Moon Resort, Jamaica

Get hitched beside the ocean, or take over the Royal Pavilion for your special event. With a choice of settings for the ceremony, you’re guaranteed sunshine for your special day and romantic surroundings to make the most of your honeymoon too.

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3 Cliveden, Berkshire

If it’s good enough for Meghan – you don’t have to go abroad for a breathtaking wedding experience. With Cosmopolitan advising that photographs are key for capturing lasting memories, staying closer to home means you can book an expert, such as Kent Wedding Photographer like for ever-present reminders of the best day of your lives.

4. Budir Black Church, Iceland

One of only three black churches in the country, Budir makes a stunning setting for a unique wedding experience. Set the date for the winter months and you could even see the Aurora Borealis, which would make your special day even more exceptional.

5. Castello di Vincigliata, Tuscany

Windsor Castle may not be available, but if you want to follow Meghan’s lead and marry in a castle, then the Castello is a good alternative. One of the most sought-after wedding destinations in Florence, the castle boasts romantic courtyards and terraces with astonishing views that form the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

6. Mulia Resort, Bali

Reputed to be the most romantic wedding destination in the whole world, the Mulia Resort is set amongst golden sands surrounded by crystal blue waters. Take your vows on the beach or, for a truly unique touch, head for the floating glass chapel for a ceremony unlike any other you’ve dreamed of.


How to transport goods safely in your rental van

Most people who rent a van do so with the intention of shifting heavy items from A to B; however, unless you have experience in loading an LCV, you might be prone to making some common mistakes.

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Here are some much-needed tips on how you can transport goods safely and securely in a rental van without putting yourself or other road users at risk.

Go big or go home

It might seem obvious, but it is better to load a van with the largest objects first before moving on to any smaller items you might need to take with you. This will not only keep the more fragile objects out of harm’s way but also ensure that the load is more evenly distributed and that the centre of gravity remains low.

Stay protected

Depending on the type of van you rent, you will have access to different levels of protection in the cab. If you are hauling very heavy loads, it makes sense to opt for an LCV that comes with a built-in bulkhead so that objects cannot cause havoc if they get loose during transit.

Rental companies such as that provide van hire in Gloucester will be able to advise you about the types of vehicle that are available and the bulkhead configurations they offer. A full-height steel bulkhead offers the best protection, but smaller models will come with mesh or net alternatives that are also suitable.

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Get lashed

Vans are built to keep heavy items secure, with internal lashing points enabling you to restrain goods and equipment so that it does not slide around unexpectedly.

In addition to using these lashing points where possible, it is useful to provide protection for items by covering them with blankets. This will round off any sharp edges and create a small but significant barrier to preserve their integrity.

Drive sensibly

The final rule for safe van use is to think about how you are driving and remember that a calm, considered approach is best when transporting a heavy load.

Modern vans are more eco-friendly and efficient than ever, producing lower carbon emissions and returning more miles per gallon. If you drive sensibly, you will save money on fuel.

Stay safe by thinking ahead, taking corners carefully, and loading a van within its safe working limits.

Top Tips For Creating The Traditional Look In Your Home

Whilst modern interior design with its minimalist look and clean, sharp lines seems to be bang on trend at present, if you aren’t keen on this particular style of design and prefer your property to look more traditional, you may be a little stuck as to how to go about achieving it. So, with this in mind, read on for a few ways that the traditional look can be achieved throughout the home; Continue reading Top Tips For Creating The Traditional Look In Your Home

Creative Ways To Give Back This Season

Making donations to charities has many effects, felt throughout local and worldwide communities. The folks at Labov and Beyond understand the impact that donations can make, and they strive every holiday to give back as much as possible. Their Facebook page shows you just how much they’ve done for their local communities, but it’s not just businesses and corporations that have an impact. Every donation helps out families in need over the holiday season.

More families than ever are forced to turn to food banks, clothing banks, and other charities for help in today’s economy. With the added need, many organizations need more donations than ever. Non-profit organizations can always make use of both monetary and physical gifts as well.

A donation to a charity can be beneficial in many ways. It often means a tax deduction, in addition to the emotional value of helping others. For those receiving donations, it can mean a full meal, a warm place to sleep, and even life-changing experiences. Food banks provide countless families with meals, and clothing banks give clothes and coats to those children who wouldn’t normally have them. Nationwide organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters provide mentoring and direction for young people. Often, the kids involved in this type of organization come from rough backgrounds, and having a Big Brother or Big Sister gives them a chance to get ahead in school, learn their own value, and realize that they can make a difference too.

Giving to charity can be easier than you think. Do you have kids? Clean out the clutter of their toy box and let them give some things they don’t use anymore to other children (and teach them to do good things for others at an early age). Outgrown clothes in the closet? Clothing banks and organizations like Goodwill always take donations of gently-used clothes for all ages. Goodwill also has an extensive training and employment program for displaced workers and those who have trouble being otherwise employed. As adults, we can pick up an extra holiday meal at the grocery store, and they will often have a donation site nearby to drop it off. Or, as many choose to do, plan to withhold a small amount from each paycheck throughout the year, and choose a charity at the holidays to give the combined total to. The national and local organizations dedicated to providing aid to those in need are numerous, and it is never difficult to find one.

Features to look for in a contract management system

A system that manages contracts is integral to the successful operation of a business, particularly with regards to managing vendor relationships.

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According to Purchasing Procurement Center, a contract management system (CMS) sets out the prices, service levels, terms and supplier relationship, as well as ensures compliance. It can also provide valuable insights into your business operations. So, with this in mind, what should you be looking for when choosing this type of system for your business?


Good contract management systems should provide you with the flexibility to suit your business requirements, so look for a system that comes with features that you can personalise to suit your needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all type. If you think your business will evolve over time, having a flexible contract system in place will be especially important.

The system you choose should also be flexible according to who is using the software, so you can manage who has access to contract data. This is especially important if you manage sensitive contracts and want to restrict user permissions.

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When managing contracts, there are lots of things to consider, so look for a system that comes with checklists and prompts to remind you of certain aspects, such as tracking delivery schedules.


Robust and reliable contract management systems, such as those provided by, will include features that monitor compliance, so always make this a priority when choosing a system for your business. Should a supplier fail to adhere to the terms of a contract, a reputable CMS system should be able to help with aspects such as claims administration. As well as ensuring compliance, pick a system that flags up any potential risks, so that these can be addressed promptly to avoid any issues that could impact on your business or income further down the line. Any risks should be trackable across different categories, including performance, financial, contractual and third-party areas.

Digital applications

A CMS system should be adaptable to fit in with the demands of an increasingly digital environment, so look for a system that you can easily edit on any digital device, including smartphones. To speed up the process of securing and executing contracts, a system that offers an e-signature capacity is also a good option, ensuring every aspect of the contract procedure can be digitised.

A guide to the different diamond colours

Think of a diamond and you might come up with several different ideas about them, such as that they are a girl’s best friend and they are forever; however, you might not consider that a diamond can come in several different shades.

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The five Cs

Despite most people seeing a white diamond when they imagine one, they do come in different colours. Colour is just one of the five Cs to consider when buying a diamond. Carat is a big one, signifying the size of the diamond, but the cut and clarity will also be important. Being able to trace the certification will also be important, especially if you are investing in a diamond engagement ring.


What is known as a flawless white diamond is in fact colourless. These are incredibly rare; as a result, they are also expensive. Using a perfect diamond as a starting point, diamonds are then graded from D through to Z, with D-F diamonds considered colourless. The colour is often very slight and might not be visible to an untrained eye.

Moving down the scale, a diamond graded G-J is a good option if you are looking for value. These will still be high quality, but they will tend to be more affordable. The scale continues through the letters. K-M diamonds have a faint colour, yet a category K diamond might retail at just half the price of a category G diamond. N-R diamonds are classified as very light, and S-Z as light. These do not tend to be stocked in jewellery stores, as there is little demand. The naked eye can see the colour in diamonds from about category I on the scale. Their popularity wanes after this, as they no longer fit the ideal of how people imagine a diamond.

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For more information on the different colours of diamond, see the information from the International Gem Society.

Whilst a Z-category diamond might seem quite yellow when compared with a real yellow diamond, it is far less dense in colour. When you choose a diamond for an engagement ring, you will naturally want to opt for the best you can afford. Consult a specialist such as and look at category H and above.

Whatever your budget, there will be a diamond to suit, so take your time and do your research.

How to install insulation before floor screeding

These days, many houses have ground floors constructed of solid concrete instead of suspended timber construction. When this needs to be replaced, it can be insulated to save the householder money and cut down on energy consumption.

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There are several options for insulating before you apply a floor screed. There are products such as rigid board insulation and flexible foam insulation materials. It is important to select the right product for your construction project and install it correctly.

In general, insulation is laid after the floor base but before the screed. This is sometimes referred to as a floating type of screed construction. Correct installation is essential if the insulating properties are going to work correctly.

Choosing a rigid or flexible installation

According to the Energy Saving Trust, insulating a ground floor can be a cost-effective energy-saving measure and could save a householder up to £65 a year, so it is important to choose the correct product.

To lay rigid board insulation panels, you will need a level floor base. This means that pre-cast floors will probably have to be levelled with a levelling compound to get rid of steps and sharp protrusions. In domestic projects, a thin layer of sharp sand will probably be adequate.

Flexible insulation is more forgiving because materials such as expanded polyether foam and mineral wool quilt are flexile enough to mould around uneven surfaces. However, it is still important to make the base as even as possible.

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Installation tips for insulation

You can get floor screed mix from a supplier such as, but there are some preparation steps that you should carry out first.

If you are using a floating screed, you will need a damp-proof membrane over the base substrate prior to the insulation layer. The membrane sheets need to cover all abutments and must be taped at the joints.

The insulation is then laid by commencing with 25cm thick perimeter strips at the external walls. The boards must be staggered and taped down.

Special care is needed around service pipe openings and abutments or columns. Check that all of the internal and external corners are taped down tightly.

Where there is no pre-laminated membrane on rigid insulation, a layer of 500 gauge polythene will need to be applied for adequate protection.

Choosing The Best Stretched Canvas For Your Project

When you hear the words “stretched canvas” you will automatically envision a square surface, poised on an easel, ready for the artists to take their brush to it. You may not realize that not all things that qualify as stretched canvas are square, they are not all made of the same materials, and they are not all made to be of the same quality. Continue reading Choosing The Best Stretched Canvas For Your Project

Writing Your Will To Prepare For The Future

It may seem morbid, but none of us can determine what is going to happen in the future. Whether your possessions are great or small, knowing they will go to the right person when you pass away is important. Unfortunately, those close to us have no say in what happens to our homes and possessions if you haven’t written a will, the law will decide who gets what resulting in your loved ones missing out. I’m sure all of us want everything we have worked for throughout our lives to go to those who matter to us; this is why it’s important to ensure we write a will as soon as we have anything to pass down. Continue reading Writing Your Will To Prepare For The Future

How To Handle A Counteroffer On A Property

The process of negotiating a sale price on a property can be a delicate balance between what you want and how much you are prepared to let it go and for how much.

If you have made an offer in good faith – and are a buyer who is chain free, with a mortgage lined up and the offer is reasonable, it can be frustrating to be turned down by a vendor and be faced with a counteroffer to consider. Continue reading How To Handle A Counteroffer On A Property