What to expect when visiting an STI clinic

If you’re at all worried about visiting a clinic because you think you might have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) – don’t be. There’s nothing to worry about, the whole service is completely confidential and the staff at the clinic are not there to judge anyone – just to make sure your sexual health is looked after.

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Male or female, LGBTQ+, old or young, the service is for everyone. Under 16s sometimes worry that the clinic will tell their parents – absolutely not. The service is for you, not your parents!

Expect discretion and confidentiality

As at any clinic, you’ll be asked for your name and contact details. The fact you’ve visited the clinic won’t be passed onto your GP unless you give permission. But if you still don’t want to give your real name, that’s OK. Just make sure you leave a valid contact point if you’re having tests where the results aren’t available immediately. This is just so that you can get the results. If you opt for a letter, there’ll be nothing on the outside of the letter to show where it’s from or what it’s about.

Try and remember dates and symptoms

When it comes to an STI test London has lots of clinics, and you can also do your own test, www.checkurself.org.uk/plus/ for some STIs before deciding to go to a clinic.

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When you get to the clinic, you can request a male or female doctor or nurse. You’ll be asked when you last had sex, and whether you’ve had unprotected sex (without a condom). The medic will want to know what symptoms you have, and what has made you think you might have an infection. There’s a good NHS guide to symptoms here: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/sexual-health/#symptoms.

Tests and results

The next step is the tests. For some infections, test results, and even treatment, are available the same day. For others, you’ll need to be contacted later. A positive result means you’ll be asked to go back to the clinic, to discuss treatment. You should tell your sexual partner but if you can’t bear to – don’t worry – if you agree, the clinic can do it anonymously, without revealing your identity.

Don’t worry about visiting the STI clinic – it’s there to help you manage your sexual health, not to judge you.


Decoration ideas in purple

The purple is one of my favorite colors. It can be used in a lot of shades, lighter or darker. It is the color of serenity and spirituality, and is composed of red and blue. If the latter predominates, it will acquire a colder aspect, and if the red one is more present it will be closer to the aubergine or the mallow. In any case, it is a color that looks great in the decoration , especially if we want to give it a relaxing touch with its softer version. Continue reading Decoration ideas in purple

Six Advantages of CNC over Conventional Milling

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling has a number of advantages over the traditional method. It will definitely continue to be widely used in the future as CNC machines begin to be connected to other manufacturing processes and interfaces.

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Let’s take a look at some of the many ways in which this computer-driven process can benefit your business.

1. Training and Labour Costs Can Be Controlled

It’s hard to maintain production quality without an experienced operator when you’re using a conventional milling machine. However, while CNC operators do have to be trained, it’s a less intensive training. The machine contributes much more to the final product, and quality is much less dependent on the experience of the operator.

2. It’s Like Having Your Own Production Line

Conventional machines are great for one-off specialised products. But if you need to produce many parts of the same type, CNC milling from https://www.parallelprecision.co.uk/cnc-milling is definitely the way to go. You can program the machine to carry out the same cut repeatedly with exactly the same quality standard.

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3. No Need for Time-Consuming Prototypes

Using a CNC machine speeds up product development and production because you can run a computer simulation of a part, check it, refine it and get a working specification without having to actually produce the part. This is a far faster process than prototyping, producing and refining actual parts.

4. You Can Make Demanding Products and Grow the Business

With CNC, tricky and complex products that were previously not feasible can now be produced cost-effectively. That extends your business offer to clients and opens up possible new markets.

5. CNC Future-Proofs Your Business

It’s important to be ready to meet future developments and challenges. CNC helps you to prepare for a digital future. With 3D printing and robotics on the horizon, the future for manufacturing and engineering can look problematic. But getting into CNC now will help you to see these new developments as opportunities.

6. Improved Productivity, Lower Costs

You can rely on the CNC machine to minimise the amount of human error and yet maintain the required quality. That leads to increased productivity. In fact, it can also lead to lower numbers of operators being required.

Don’t get left behind – join the CNC revolution and let your business reap the benefits.


Allergy to be boss and the responsibilities that the position entails

Not everyone thinks that being a boss is a bargain. Although it seems eccentric in a society where entrepreneurship has been the star alternative during the economic crisis , where CEO pronounces and reads in any meeting worthy among millennials, or manage your project is sold as one of the seven wonders.

The reality is that young people either want to be employees or employees but with a schedule that allows them to live, I must add that young people and younger want the same. Being a boss involves a stress and responsibility for which only a few are prepared. Continue reading Allergy to be boss and the responsibilities that the position entails

The mountain races or trail running, closer to being an Olympic sport

Some time ago we told you that the next Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 will have five new sports : baseball and softball, skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing and karate . At the moment these five sports will only be in the games of the Japanese capital, without obligation to keep them for the next venues.

But for upcoming Olympic events we could count on new sports: a motion in the Canary Islands calls for trail running or mountain races to become an Olympic sport in years to come, and they want to begin negotiations with the International Olympic Committee. With the great growth experienced by trail running in recent years, will it be an Olympic sport soon? Continue reading The mountain races or trail running, closer to being an Olympic sport

Car manufacturers give priority to active safety in the face of lack of road maintenance

The European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), which represents the 15 leading European manufacturers of automobiles, vans, trucks and buses (see BMW, Volvo, Ford, Volkswagen, Daimler, Renault, FCA, PSA …) has requested ” Put more emphasis on an integrated road safety strategy .”

This means more annual research and development budget – more than the 54,000 million euros used by the sector per year – to make passenger cars and commercial vehicles even safer. But, and the roads for when? Continue reading Car manufacturers give priority to active safety in the face of lack of road maintenance

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If you are a coffee grower you should visit these nine countries

The cold arrives and with it the desire to sit at home in the shelter with a delicious cup of steaming coffee in his hands. Although sometimes we think of a coffee on a summer day that activates our strength we also like it. There are people who can not live without coffee, which is a very important part of their existence, so if you are very coffee you should visit these nine countries . Continue reading If you are a coffee grower you should visit these nine countries

Advice for Making Online Banking Safe

Banking online can be a fantastic way to save you time and even money.  Most large banks now offer online banking or online account access, and for the most daring: some banks are only available online.  With the latest in web safety, these sites are heavily encrypted and designed to be hack-proof.  The largest cause of accounts being hacked into actually falls upon the account holders.  There are several simple steps that can be taken to avoid your account, money, and personal information being put at risk.  Some may seem simple, but it is better to be safe!

1) Never give out your username or password.  Your bank will not ask you for your password or even username.  They already have it.  They will not lose it, and only a very select group of employees can even access it.  If you think you need to address this issue, call them at the number your normally call, do not take the phone number off an email or a website, look in the phone book or just stop in at your local branch.

2) If you access your accounts from more than one computer, be sure that computers used by others have up-to-date antivirus software.  You should also make sure that the machine is running an up to date browser that can support the standard 128-bit encryption used by most secure websites.  When you are done, always be sure to log off and even clear the Auto complete bar also, it can make it too easy for someone to log in and guess your password.

3) A good password in very important, also, using more than one password can be just as valuable.  If a hacker, worm, or virus is to get into your computer and find a password, they will try that same password in all of your cached login areas.  It also helps drastically to use letters and numbers.  Birthdays, pet names, and nicknames also tend to be easiest to guess.

4) Never trust any email sent to you that links directly to your login page.  This is the number one trick for hackers to “cloak” or “phish” you out of your own private information.  Even though the site looks like the site you are familiar with, it may not be.  These thieves have become experts at copying the look of real sites with their own copies designed to extrapolate victim’s bank numbers and more!

By following these steps, you can be confident that your identity and information is still yours and still protected.  There are thousands of people and programs trying to steal your information, but you have plenty of tools, people and strategies on your side also!  Go ahead save yourself some time and gas money!

Accident Claim Compensation

There are a number of factors affecting the likelihood of the accident claims’ success.

* Timescale. It is unlikely that a solicitor will be willing to deal with the case if the incident occurred more than three years ago. The limitation period for most personal injury claims is three years and if the case is not settled or proceedings have not been issued in a court of law prior to that time then the matter becomes statute barred. There are exceptions to this rule. The most important one being that time does not begin to run until a person reaches the age of 18 years. There are other exceptions and accident claim advice should always be sought in regards to matters relating to limitation.

* Injuries. The doctor who originally treated the injury will hold medical details, which are of paramount importance when making a claim. The solicitor will use this record as evidence of the type and cause of the injury and if necessary will obtain another specialist’s medical opinion as the case proceeds. It is therefore extremely important that medical advice is obtained as soon as possible after any accident either from a General Practitioner or from the local hospital Accident and Emergency department.

* The Police. A specialist accident claims advice solicitor will liaise with any police officers who witnessed the accident or the occurrences shortly after the accident and will usually obtain a copy of the police accident report which will be made available as soon as any relevant criminal prosecutions are completed. A policeman may be called to give evidence in any civil court case for damages if necessary.

* Witnesses: Sometimes there are witnesses and it helps if their statements are collected immediately. Witness statements greatly support the claimant’s case. However, these statements should never be obtained personally by the injured person. A solicitor or a private inquiry agent employed on the client’s behalf will usually obtain signed statements which will verify the client’s version of events.

* Evidence. The more evidence and information gathered, the greater the success rate. Clients are recommended to take detailed photographs of the location and any injuries. A daily diary charting the recovery from injury is also useful in assessing any compensation payable for pain and suffering. This should include any entries on what kind of activities you can no longer enjoy, or how the pain intrudes on your ability to enjoy a ‘quality” life. All receipts for expenses incurred should be carefully kept and filed (be sure to make photocopies).