Why the kitchen is the heart of your home

It doesn’t matter what kind of home you live in, big or little, the heart of any home is undoubtedly the kitchen. From small, cosy rustic stove kitchens to contemporary, open plan concept kitchens, there are countless ways to design this special space to create an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and highly functional room. Many people say that the kitchen is the most important room in a home and here are some of the reasons why: Continue reading Why the kitchen is the heart of your home

Furnishing your garden office – ideas and inspiration

Garden rooms can be used for most work activities, including offices, workshops, treatment rooms and craft and art cabins.

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With space at a premium and extensions proving costly, an increasing number of us are moving into our gardens to install studios in which to work or relax. Once you have sorted out the location for your garden office you should think about the security arrangements to ensure that any items that you have stored in there are safe and secure. A Locksmith Sheffield way or in your region can help with the advice and installation of appropriate locks for you.


Designing cabins to meet every requirement takes some thought. Sometimes, there are clear ideas of storage, working areas and seating for workspaces, but advice may be needed.

Consider first the items that are difficult to move once built, such as windows, doors and skylights. These should be placed where you would like light and access to the working area. Designers experienced in working with garden studios can help with drawing and design.

Heating, power sockets and lighting should be in the correct places to enable access during work.

Ensure you have an inspiring vista of gardens or surrounding areas and nature to gaze upon from your workspace. Often, one of the best benefits from working from your garden is being able to enjoy the tranquility and peace around you.

Design and furniture

Timber feels breathable and warm throughout the year but, consider draught-proof ventilation to invigorate and feel fresh.

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To get the most out of the space and not be cramped, keep belongings tidy. Buy the best quality furniture you are able to afford and have it fitted, such as made to measure desks. This will ensure furniture is robust, durable and fits correctly in your studio.

Integrated storage and desks make use of available vertical space and create a working space that maximises every square metre. You can even install work consoles or desks that fold away after use, which is ideal if space is tight. Installing media and computing equipment into your garden studio, and adding shelving or storage into restricted spaces and beneath desks can minimise lost space. The addition of a daybed or window seat is popular, and this can also be used for storage.

However you work and for any activity, a well designed and installed garden studio will benefit your productivity and make your routine enjoyable and more efficient.

What happens when you’re body gets too hot

Summer is one of the best times of the year. It’s a time of holidays, beach days, time off and fun. However, during a heatwave or particularly hot day, it can become frustrating when you can’t cool down and the sweat just won’t quit! It’s important to protect yourself from too much sun and of course, from the negative effects of getting too hot. Heat exhaustion can come on quickly, consisting of bad dehydration that puts additional pressure on the heart. Heat stroke is even more dangerous. So, what are the things that happen to our bodies when we get too hot? Continue reading What happens when you’re body gets too hot

The way to use knives safely

Working for a House Keeper Carers London company such as https://www.guardiancarers.co.uk/services/housekeeper-carer will often see you preparing meals for the fmaily that you are working for. It is important that you looking after yourself and also make sure that your kitchen area is clean to prevent any illnesses from occurring, it is also worth learning a few kitchen techniques. Continue reading The way to use knives safely

The Unwritten Sport ‘Rules’ for Parents and Children

If your child takes part in a sport, then you have probably been to watch them compete against other children. However, parents’ behaviour on the touchline is increasingly causing concern. Here is a look at some ‘rules’ for parents and children to follow to ensure everyone has fun. A possible significant factor on children practicing good sportsmanship is if they get the correct socialisation from parents or carers. If parents live busy lives so that time to teach their children is limited however then it could mean that these children develop bad sports like habits such as shouting at a referee. If you are a busy parent and worry that your child may be in this predicament, then there are solutions. There are carers like au pairs that can look after children and offer them how to behave in sport respectfully. If you are looking for a London Au pairs  agency, then look no further than https://www.littleoneslondon.co.uk/au-pairs-in-london Continue reading The Unwritten Sport ‘Rules’ for Parents and Children

Visiting Faro

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Portugal, then you’re not alone – it’s an incredibly popular and beautiful destination. Don’t overlook the capital though, as most tourists arriving head straight out of the city and off to the resorts. Here are the best things to do in Faro:

  1. Praia de Faro

Don’t rush off to a resort but stay and explore the capital. Just behind the airport you can follow the road straight to the Praia de Faro, a wide stretch of soft sand dotted with relaxed beach bars and cafes for you to get straight into Portuguese living and out of traveller mode.

  1. Cidade Velha

The old city is a must-visit area that boasts a range of architectural styles to take in, along with storks who nest along the rooftops. There are quaint cafes and bars to choose from, from which to watch the world go by or visit the O Castelo, with its calendar of cultural events and live music in its courtyard.

  1. Sé de Faro

This is the iconic cathedral that rose from the site of an ancient Roman temple and once served as a Moorish mosque. It is now a stunning Romanesque Gothic style place of worship with stunning views of Faro and an impressive Baroque organ. For flights to Faro from Airports in Ireland, visit https://irelandwestairport.com/

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  1. Municipal Museum of Faro

Before you even get inside, you’ll be wowed as the architecture alone is a sight worth seeing. Featuring a mosaic from the 3rd century and busts of Roman Emperor Hadrian, there’s plenty here to keep you gripped. Telling the story of Faro from birth to present day, you’ll also find some artworks from Carlos Porfirio.

  1. The churches of Faro

Faro is the perfect place to see beautiful churches in the traditional white-washed, tiled buildings you expect to see in this region. Be sure to include the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, an impressive twin-towered edifice with an interior glazed with Brazilian gold. For the more morbid among you, the Capela dos Ossos is not far away and made from the skulls and bones of over 1,200 monks!

  1. Olhao fish market

The building that provides a home to the Olhao fish market was designed by none other than Gustav Eiffel! (yes, of Eiffel Tower fame). Sitting on the waterfront, it’s the ideal place to sample some of the region’s best fresh fish.

  1. Ria Formosa

Described as one of the most beautiful places in the whole Algarve, this is a natural park and a haven for wildlife. The area consists of salt pans, barrier islands and lagoons, making it the perfect destination for biking, hiking, kayaking or partaking of a guided tour. Go bird spotting and look out for the other many protected species that thrive here.

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  1. Palácio de Estoi

No visit to Faro would be complete without seeing these gardens designed by aristocrat, Fernando de Carvalhal in the 1800s. The gardens are home to hidden, romantic grottos, calming fountains and stunning areas decorated with blue porcelain tiles. The palacio is now a luxury hotel but you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy a look around and a coffee on the restaurant balcony that boasts incredible views.