Prison guards Could be protected by body worn cameras

You can’t fail to notice the number of high-profile incidents in recent years where violence has been used, and recorded by cameras, either worn by individuals involved or on helmets or dashboards. Evidence is often conclusive far beyond reasonable doubt, and there have been convictions. But are these cameras a deterrent? Continue reading Prison guards Could be protected by body worn cameras

Common causes of a leaky roof

A leak in a roof can cause serious damage to the house if the cause is not found and corrected immediately. As water can move outward from the site where the leak originated, it might be tricky to determine the precise cause. Carry out regular checks of your roof for some of the most common causes of leaks to stop those that already exist and to avoid problems in the future. Here are some of the common causes: Continue reading Common causes of a leaky roof

A short history of Irish whiskey

Irish whiskey is reported to be one of the fastest-growing spirits in the world. The first record of Irish whiskey dates back to 1405, making it one of Europe’s earliest distilled beverages and around 90 years older than its Scottish counterpart. Despite experiencing a period of decline in popularity during the 20th Century, sales are now on the increase, attracting fans from across the globe. Continue reading A short history of Irish whiskey

What you need to know about Power of Attorney.

As we are becoming an aging population we need, unfortunately, to think about what we are going to do in our later years. It isn’t something that anyone wants to really consider but the time may come when you are not able to make decisions for yourself if you become too ill or incapacitated. It is very important for you have something in place and at least when you have it done you don’t have to worry about it again. This is meant as a brief explanation as to what is involved but if you want a good Cheltenham Power of Attorney  then a visit to  is a very good place to start as they will help you through this difficult choice. Continue reading What you need to know about Power of Attorney.

Celebrity wedding Mother of the Bride style inspiration

It can be difficult for any mother of the bride to select the perfect outfit. Choosing a style that is flattering, elegant and appropriate which will look good in the all-important photographs is a hard task for any woman, but when your daughter just happens to be famous then the question of what to wear becomes even more difficult.  You could suggest a selection of Bodycon Mini Dresses from sites like and let her choose. Continue reading Celebrity wedding Mother of the Bride style inspiration

The delights of an N gauge railway set.

We’ve all been there. We want a really kicking train set with a brilliant throw back to the age of steam where we can imagine that we’re on the footplate driving the train or we are the station master directing the pace of the rail freight and organising the passengers to their destination. But, there is one tiny little snag (and little is a well chosen word here), you live in a one bedroom flat or a family home with no room to swing a cat or anything else. However, help is at hand, you can find that with an N gauge railway you will be able to build full and exciting sets in a really reduced space. Continue reading The delights of an N gauge railway set.

Drive traffic to your website with these 10 great ways

The internet is crucial for sales, reputation and brand management – so driving traffic to your website is increasingly important.

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In 2015 in the US, 64% of all sales in-store were influenced by the internet.

1. Advertise

The most obvious but most effective way of driving traffic to your website is to advertise. Yes, you will need to pay for it, but the results are often worth it. Customise your paid strategies to suit your needs.  Handing out leaflets to houses with a discount code for example is a good way to point to your website.  A company like Lazy Juice who are a Gloucester Vape Shop did a very successful drop and got some great traffic from it.

  1. Variety is the spice of sites

    Vary the format and length of your content to appeal to different types of readers. Use video, audio, infographics, and pictures, as well as text.3. Social life

    Great content is not enough – you have to make sure that people can find it! So you need to utilise your social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

    4. Headline act

    Without an awesome headline, even the most inspiring content will often go unread. Always try and pick the headline that you believe will generate the most traffic.

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5. SEO – because it’s worth it

Optimising your content for on-page SEO is still a worthwhile use of your time. Make the most of image alt text, create internal links, and use meta descriptions. If you are looking for someone to help with your internet presence then take a look at professionals.
6. Go guest blogging

Getting yourself a guest post on a popular and reputable website can increase traffic to your own site.

7. Get guest bloggers on your site

Invite people with similar interests to write a guest blog on your site. By sharing and linking to their guest article, they can bring new readers to you.

8. Target long-tail keywords

These keywords account for the majority of web searches, so ensure that they are being targeted as part of your paid search/SEO work.

9. Stay LinkedIn

You should be posting your content to LinkedIn regularly, as doing so will boost traffic and increase your profile.

10. Write smart

Check out the sites that get the most traffic and then look at ways to create content that those pages would really want to link to.


Covering External Community Areas in Three ways

Public external spaces, such as those outside schools, retail parks and offices, are ideal areas for people to meet and work. However, they are not always practical in inclement weather or on particularly hot and sunny days. However, there’s a number of ways that external spaces can be covered to enhance their use. For example is there enough lighting for the collection times especially when the days get shorter as safety has to be key when it comes to your children.  A Lighting Specialists company found at sites like will be able to tell you what kind of lighting will suit your needs best and what kind of prices you might be looking at. Continue reading Covering External Community Areas in Three ways

Energy efficiency in your loft conversion

For homeowners looking to achieve a little extra space for their family often choose to convert the loft. It’s a popular move for homes tight on space to maximise square footage and hopefully add value to their property. So popular, in fact, that around every 4 in 10 homes in London has a form of loft conversion.

Loft conversions, as useful as they are, can be about more than adding space and act as a great opportunity to take on matters of energy efficiency in your home. It’s a chance to upgrade lighting to top performing LED bulbs, updating an old boiler to a more efficient one or install insulation.

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Every loft conversion requires building regulation approval. Whilst it is the homeowner’s responsibility, a good contractor should help with the approval process. As part of the approval, energy efficiency ranks highly with a strong focus on minimising possible heat loss. Heat loss must be kept to a minimum during a loft conversion by placing insulation between rafters and underneath them and ensuring the continuity of wall and roof insulation as well.

Most conversions will be completed with the standard amount of insulation as required by building regulations, but it is wise to ask for more. A higher level of insulation can keep a loft conversion better protected from extremes of temperatures, improve sound proofing and also save money on energy bills.

To prevent a loss of heat through any lighting fixtures in the loft conversion, try Downlight Covers from a site like

As well as insulation, it’s important to think about energy efficient windows. Insulation will be pointless if the windows are inefficient. A+ rated double or triple glazed windows will offer the best savings on energy bills. This grade of windows will provide the benefits of a warm, cosy room, great sound proofing and a reduction in the accumulation of condensation.

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Keeping a loft space warm in winter is another important factor and this can be achieved by adding more radiators that are controllable with thermostatic valves. Smart home devices are now available which can help to control the heating throughout the whole house from an app on a smartphone. Controlling heating this way can help save money and make a home more energy efficient, so having a loft conversion could be the perfect time to invest in some new digital devices. For those with controllable heating, they could be seeing savings of up to £120 each year.