Why you should have a marquee wedding

Marquee weddings have been a popular choice in England for years, and for good reason. Able to accommodate just about any size guest list and fit in any venue, a marquee can be erected everywhere from your back garden to an empty field and a marquee can be transformed into a veritable paradise with minimal effort.

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Marquees are also ideal for all weather, and whether it’s a beautiful summer day or a typically grey and rainy afternoon, you and your guests will be safely ensconced inside and protected from the elements. If the weather is good the sides of a marquee can also be lifted to let in sun.

Stylish inside and out

The wedding industry has grown tremendously and there are décor options available to suit every bride’s preference. With a marquee you can choose not only how to decorate the interior, but also the exterior, giving you free range to create the exact look and feel you desire.

With a marquee, you have a blank canvas that you can personalise completely. It offers you the exciting opportunity to design the layout and to decorate and set up in the way you wish.

Flexibility and location

Marquees also provide bridal parties with an enormous amount of flexibility. Within reason, you can choose where you erect the marquee, and marquee hire in Kent such as http://www.2intents.co.uk/ should also be able to advise you of some ideal spots, should you be short of ideas.

You can choose the size of the marquee too, with few restrictions apart from the availability of space you have to work with.

Catering and entertainment

A marquee lets you have complete control over the food you serve too, and whether you prefer a buffet or a five-course sit-down meal, your needs can be easily accommodated. You are not restricted to a wedding venue’s menu and you can budget accordingly, opting for food that works for your special day.

When it comes to entertainment your options with a marquee are also unlimited. You can have a DJ, a string quartet or a full band, and you don’t have to stick to a cut off time as stipulated by so many wedding venues. There won’t be additional after hours charges either and you can even supply your own booze if you prefer!