Why is sewing so good for us?

There are so many benefits from sewing that it is difficult to list them all. People enjoy sewing for different reasons, and at different stages in their lives. Making your own clothes and craft items for the home has never been more popular, thanks to the proliferation of websites providing ideas, patterns and instructions for almost anything.

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Make do and mend

Although this phrase was popularised in World War Two, it remains relevant today, when more and more people are feeling challenged by financial issues. If you invest in high quality clothing, you need to be able to keep it in good condition, so knowing the right way to sew on a button, replace a zip or take up a hem is as important today as it ever was. Making alterations to a size or style is also preferable to hitting the shops every couple of weeks.

Making your own clothes

In addition to saving money, making your own clothes is a good way to ensure that you and your family have a unique and up to date wardrobe. It is easy to find beautiful dress fabric online and create something really stunning for a special occasion.

It’s not only people who want to save money who make their own clothes. According to the Belfast Telegraph, the young daughter of Jennifer Lopez is taking after her seamstress great grandmother by sewing, and recently made a unique dress for the superstar.

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If you are considering sewing, why not explore the vast range of fabrics available online, from companies such as http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/?

Feeling good

Sewing makes you feel good too! One aspect of this is the satisfaction gained from the achievement of creating something beautiful and unique, whether it is an evening dress or a decorative wall hanging. Having a tangible result to show for your effort is often a reward in itself.

The hand-eye coordination that is needed for sewing helps to keep your brain active and can take your mind off everyday worries. You may prefer to sew alone and have plenty of time to yourself, but many people enjoy the social aspects of joining a sewing circle or quilting group. This can be particularly beneficial for older people who are socially isolated and those living with dementia. Making new friendships can enhance every aspect of their lives.