When It Might Be Time to Change Your Roof

A strong roof is vital to any home, and it doesn’t need to take brains to know that fact. In the end, deteriorating roofs let moisture in or even break, threatening your safety. Although roofs can last for quite some time, they need to be properly maintained and sooner or later, replaced by a company like Kanga Roofing. Luckily, there are signs that will tell if your roof is deteriorating.


Possible signs that your roof needs replacement:

  1. It is old. Many roofs have a 20-years warranty. So if you haven’t replaced your roof for 20 years, there is a good chance to consider about changing those old roofs.
  2. It appears bad across the street. Having good-looking roofs is important, and you don’t want your roof to look awful. Stand on your street and see if you can find shabby areas, extensive “streaking” in your shingles or areas around the vents and chimneys that have areas of disrepair.
  3. The shingles look awful. You must do a detailed check-up on the shingles of your roof. If most of them look curled, bent, wet, broken, stained, darker or missing, then it’s time to replace them immediately.
  4. You can see granules all over. If shingles start to deteriorate, they will break into fine bits that appear like dark and coarse sand. If there are granules present in your yard, gutters and landscaping, then they come from your roof.
  5. Bubbling, peeling or staining paint can be seen. A roof that’s leaking can result to wearing of exterior paint all over the roofline; however, it can also leak in the walls of your home and stain the walls inside.
  6. The deck appears bad. The “deck” of the roof composes the support beams that hold the shingles and roof. If these beams are wilting or showing signs of damage from moisture, it’s time to replace the roof deck and shingles.
  7. There is a leak in your attic. After a thunderstorm or melting of snow, you will see water leaking into your attic; however, your roof can leak a bit; if you can see the inside of your attic without a light, then it’s time to replace your roof.
  8. Your energy bill is increasing. A roof that has not damage serves as an insulator from heat and cold. If your roof is damaged, you will notice that your energy bills will increase, since your heater or air conditioner needs to work double time to maintain the right temperature.

Replacing your roof can be a costly investment, so make sure you find an experienced Vancouver roofer like Kanga Roofing who will do the job properly. Don’t wait too long to replace your roof or else you might be investing extra on damages caused by damaged roofs.