What to do about Artex

If your house was constructed or decorated in the seventies or eighties, then there is a good chance at least one of your ceilings has artex. Artex is basically a textured ceiling, usually with a rounded or dimpled pattern.

A lot of people choose to keep their artex ceilings, whereas others remove or cover them over, viewing them as not very fashionable anymore. To achieve this, it is possible to plaster it over do this, you can plaster on it, take it out completely, or install a false ceiling.

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Find out if it contains asbestos

Before work begins on the ceiling, you need to ascertain whether it contains asbestos in the artex. If you know that it was built after 1999, do not worry, it will not contain asbestos. But if it was built before this date, there is a great possibility that it might. This is because asbestos used to be an important part of the artex before the British government banned it in 1999.

Should you suspect your ceiling might contain asbestos, it’s imperative to have it tested. Ensure you locate an accredited professional to do this like TES Environmental  that way you’ll know they are safe and competent. For  Asbestos survey Birmingham

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You do not have to remove artex ceilings that contain asbestos, because they are safe unless disturbed. You can find a way to cover it without damaging it. If it becomes scratched or weakened in any way, this could expose the asbestos fibres making them dangerous as they are released into the air.