What is a Brise Soleil?

If you’ve never heard of the brise soleil system, then you are not alone. This is the name given to vertical or horizontal slats mounted to the exterior of a building to control the amount of solar heat and light entering into the structure. For more information on Brise Soleil, visit a site like https://alusystems.uk/

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What is the problem?

Modern buildings, which were constructed as workplaces or school contain large areas of glass to provide as much natural daylight as possible. It achieves maximum light and creates an open, spacious feel. The idea is to provide a pleasant environment focused on the welfare of the occupants.

One problem arising from this architectural style is how to control the temperature of the interior of the building which is largely glazed. Solar heat gained from the glass is mostly beneficial at certain times of day, especially during autumn and winter. However, it quickly becomes too much during the hottest time of the day and can cause problems with overheating, akin to trying to work in a greenhouse! Elevation also affects the amount of natural solar gain, with higher floors feeling the heat more than others.

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Problem solved

A useful method to control or reduce solar gain for greater comfort is to install a brise soleil. This structure is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, because it scatters light. Combined with internal blinds for solar shading, the temperature is controlled more effectively. Brise soleil is French and means “sun breaker ‘. Slats or blades project out of the building, usually horizontally, to reduce heat and glare.