Tips for a first-time Caribbean cruiser

You’ve decided to book a trip to the Caribbean, but you have no idea where to start. Don’t worry; first-time cruisers are all in the same boat! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Pick the right region

It can take more than one trip to the Caribbean to really discover the areas you love. If you do not have the budget to go more than once, how can you find out what Caribbean all inclusive resorts are the best? The key is to research your trip and work out which parts of the region best suit your desired holiday mood and style.

As with booking a hotel, cruise lines all vary in what they can offer you. It is wise to look at pictures of towns and cruise ships and read reviews from guests who have actually cruised around the islands. highlights just how influential real customer reviews are in this article.

Find a deal

If you are travelling from the UK, you might find a handful of cruise packages that set off from Europe. These might be convenient, but be prepared to waste a good percentage of your holiday travelling to the Caribbean rather than around it. If price is a big game-changer, shop around for the best deal and one that suits your preferred travel options. Always look out for packages that are ATOL-protected for your own peace of mind.

Book excursions in advance

If you have a long list of excursions that interest you, make sure that you book them in advance to help keep the cost of your trip down. If you need some inspiration, check out Lost Waldo’s blog; they post about the best travel experiences and can inspire you to try a particular activity or visit a certain spot (

Enjoy yourself on deck

You’ve done all of the hard work, so now you can sit back and enjoy a well-deserved (and well-planned!) holiday. On the ship, you’ll have a huge choice of entertainment from comedy to Zumba classes. You’ll also be given the option to choose from an array of top-quality restaurants and bars, so the cruise ship experience really is as much a part of your holiday as the places you visit!