The importance of nutritional food for your cat

Good nutrition is key to the survival of any animal and this is no different for cats. Cats have over thousands of years become more and more domesticated until we have been left with the wondrous creatures that many of us invite to join our families.

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There are many ways to help you cat have a happy and healthy long life and these include ensuring that they have a safe and loving place to live as well as access to good food and water and in your absence that they are looked after by a Cattery Cheltenham way such as who will care for them in your absence.

When it comes to the food that you feed your cat there are some important facts that you should be aware of.

Cats are carnivores and should be fed as such. Unlike other animals such as dogs, a cat can not survive on a vegetarian diet and their food intake types should only be adjusted following the advice and guidance of a qualified vet. This means that they need to have a high protein content in their diets and this should be meat filled and moisture rich. There are conflicting pieces of advice on whether your cat should be fed a wet or dry food source.

A wet or canned food source will not only provide your cat with all of the protein that they require but will also give them an extra liquid intake. Cats tend not to drink a lot of water and instead look for food sources that will also supply them with a liquid intake. A wet food diet can also help to prevent obesity and other health related issues such as diabetes and urinary tract infections. A dried food diet will also provide you cat with all the nutrients that it needs but lacks the additional liquid content and is thought to only be more healthy in terms of dental hygiene. It may therefore be best to discuss a mixed diet with your vet. Perhaps offering your cat wet food at breakfast and their evening meal and leaving a dried food option out during the day whilst you are at work.

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It is recommended that you feed your cat at set points during the day rather than allowing them to graze throughout the day. This of course may not be wholly practical if you are out at work so limit the amount of food left during the day and try to stick to meal times in the morning and evening and where possible make these the same time each day, as we all know cats don’t like change.