Special Ways to Remember your Loved Ones

When we lose a loved one, it is such a difficult time. We don’t want to forget them or the important part that they had in our lives, and there are many creative and uplifting ways that people can use to honour the lives of our loved ones.

Plant a Tree – A tree is a beautiful reminder of a person’s life, and a great way to give a bit back to the planet as well. A tree with a memorial plaque is a perfect way to commemorate a person’s life. Watching the tree grow, can give comfort to family members, and ensure that the person is always remembered. A marble headstone or memorial plaque next to the tree is a perfect way to compliment this idea.

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Personal Teddy Bear – One great idea for a special memorial item, is to turn a favourite clothing item into a teddy bear. This is great in particular for a child who may be grieving the loss of a parent or a grandparent, and it will help them feel close to that person.

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Special Jewellery and Accessories – A good way to keep them close to you, is to always keep a favourite piece of jewellery of that person with you. This may be a brooch, a watch or a ring for example, but it helps to feel that person is always with you.

Memorial Bench –  A memorial bench is a lovely idea, if your loved one has a place that they always enjoyed being, perhaps by the seaside, in a certain park, or at a local beauty spot, get in touch with the council about putting a memorial bench there.