Six DIY lawn mower repair tips

There is nothing worse than getting out your lawnmower to find that it will not start or cut the lawn properly. If you find yourself in this position, read on to find out how you can fix six common lawnmower problems yourself.

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In the UK we love our lawns. Gardening has even been found to contribute to healthier and longer life:

1. Check fuel and ignition of petrol mowers

Make sure the tank contains fuel. If the lawnmower will still not start, check the spark plug. Do this by lifting up the mower from the front. Never tip your mower to the side because this will cause problems with the air filter. Clean the spark plug and replace if needed.

2. Check air filters

If your mower will still not start after checking the fuel and spark plug, look to see whether the air filter is blocked. If the filter is blocked it can result in the mower overheating. You can clean a sponge filter with soap and water but if your mower uses a paper filter you will need to replace it when it is dirty.

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3. Clean the carburettor

A blocked carburettor prevents fuel getting to the engine. Check it for sediment, clean it, fill the mower with new petrol and try starting it again.

4. Carry out basic routine maintenance

Check your lawnmower for loose bolts and screws and tighten these if necessary. Replace any missing bolts or screws before you use the mower. Check the wheels for any problems.
Sharp blades are essential for good cutting performance and may need to be replaced from time to time. Briggs and Stratton parts can be found from sites such as

5. Clean your lawnmower

Keeping the lawnmower clean will help it last longer. Brush any grass clippings off the blades and the underneath of the lawnmower. If left on the machine the clippings cause damage as they rot.

6. Electric mowers

If the mower will not start, check the power lead and fuse. Replace damaged cable before using the mower. If the mower has overheated unplug it, clean it, and allow it to cool down before restarting. As with petrol models the mower should be kept clean and checked for any wear and tear from time to time.