Reline or replace: which drains service do you need?

If you’re experiencing problems with your drains, you might wonder what kind of services you’ll need to get them in working order. Your options are to have your drains relined, or, in some cases, it may be necessary to get them replaced.

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By far the easier of the two methods is to get your drains relined. This is also the least disruptive option. In order to know whether this is possible, a professional drainage company will take CCTV images of your drains to assess the extent of the damage.

If there’s only a small section of wear and tear, and no other problems have presented themselves on the images, then you might want to consider relining your drains.

In order to do this, you should choose a reputable drain lining company such as They’ll first clean and descale the area to be lined using machines and high-pressure water jets.

The drain lining will then be installed using air inflation, where it will cure against the drain over a period of a few hours. Once this is complete, the inflation tube is taken out and the drain is further cleaned to remove any leftover resin.

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Although you will have to wait until the lining has cured, this is still a quicker solution to solve your drain dilemma, compared to replacement. These days, it is also a standard procedure for any drain lining company.


In some cases, your drains won’t be suitable for drain lining and will need replacing. This is often necessary where large areas of damage has occurred, or if there are other problems with your drains. It’s not a straightforward task, however, and involves a lot more work compared to lining.

According to The Telegraph, drain replacement involves digging a trench and laying a new drain. This could involve excavating and re-laying your drive, so it will be expensive and disruptive. It could be a particular problem if the drains lie underneath a building, for example, which would mean that pipes would need diverting.

However, the real benefit of choosing this more time- and money-intensive option is that it provides long-lasting results. Lining your drain may need re-doing over time, if there are bigger drain problems that need tackling, whereas once your drains have been replaced, they should last for the foreseeable future.