NJ Senior Care Options: Assisted Living Facilities vs. In-Home Care

Getting older is an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, the aging process can be hard on all those who are involved, from the individuals who are aging themselves to their friends and family members. As people age, they tend to lose the ability to do the things they used to when they were younger, and this can present a problem. How can an individual continue to enjoy a high quality as they age? Older people often require some extra care, and making the right decision on how to provide this care is extremely important. When researching your options for NJ senior care, there are two primary options: sending your elder loved one to live at an assisted living facility, or taking advantage of quality in-home care. Below is additional information on each possibility.

Garden State Assisted-Living Facilities
The “Garden State” is a great place in which to live, but is living in an assisted living facility the best way for an older person to spend their golden years? For someone without any close family members to visit them, an assisted living facility can be a feasible option. An assisted living facility will provide the watchful supervision a senior needs, along with providing food, activities, and other essentials to maintain a reasonably comfortable quality of life. A disadvantage of living in a facility is being one-of-many residents who are cared for by a small staff of aides.

In-Home Care in New Jersey
For seniors who would prefer to maintain their independence in their own home, in-home care in New Jersey is an excellent choice. With in-home care, a professional home health aide travels to the senior’s home to provide custom-tailored one-on-one assistance. From housekeeping to meal preparation to errands and shopping, these compassionate professionals lend a helping hand whenever and wherever one is needed. Personal and hygiene care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming assistance can also be provided, along with safety and fall prevention, weekend and holiday coverage, and more. Care can be scheduled as needed, from hourly in-home care to 24/7 care with live-in assistance.

Which Option is Best?
Every situation is different, but studies have shown again and again that seniors prefer to age in their own homes. In-home care is clearly the more desirable choice for the majority of seniors. In-home care allows an older person to maintain a certain level of his or her independence while still receiving the care and attention they need to live safely and happily. In-home care allows an individual to age in an environment in which they are familiar and comfortable—it’s the ideal scenario! As they say, “there’s no place like home.” When it comes time to make a decision on NJ senior care, do your best to keep your loved ones where they belong—with in-home care.