Introducing the Dual USB Car Charger

Are you someone who likes to carry multiple gadgets with him/her when you travel? Are you frustrated when your gadgets run out of juice when you are travelling? Are you looking for a charger that can be used anywhere with almost any electronic gadget? If the answer to all these questions is yes then you have stumbled upon the right article. In this article we will tell you the perfect solution for all your charging problems.

  • The Solution:

The perfect solution for your charging problems is a Dual USB Car Charger. Such a charger can be easily plugged in to the cigarette lighter of your automobile. You can put it in your car permanently and then charge your devices on the go.

  • Works with most of the devices:

The idea is simple enough. Take the charge from the cigarette lighter and give it to your devices. Most of the devices charge well on a dual USB car charger. Whether you have a Smartphone or a media player, most of the devices that have a USB charging facility can be charged through a dual USB car charger.

  • Charge multiple devices with the same charger:

A dual USB car charger has two USB ports. This means that you can charge up to two devices simultaneously. So now you can charge your mobile phone and your mp3 player at the same time while you are driving.

  • Precautions while buying:

Some smart phones such as I phones and some other high end mobile phones have specific charging needs. You must always buy a certified car charged. It’s good if the charger has been certified by a competent authority like FMI. When you buy a certified charger you make sure that your charger will work in future too when your phone is updated. Another point to note is the volt factor. The original charger that came with your smart phone or mp3 player will have a sticker on it that will detail the voltage requirements of your device’s battery. Make sure that you are buying a charger within the same voltage range as printed on the device’s adapter. Any charger with a higher voltage range can potentially damage your device and it may even violate some terms of warranty. For these reasons it’s in your best interest to spend a few extra seconds and buy the right dual USB car charger.

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