I know it’s sad, but I can’t wait for them to leave

This morning I heard Joe and Katie talking about how they were looking forward to going away for the week down to Cornwall for a spot of windsurfing. When they saw me looking at them, they started talking in that human code that they seem to think that I don’t I understand.

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“How do you think you know who will be staying at you know where?”

What they mean is how do they think I will be staying at Dog Boarding Surrey venue https://nestledownboardingkennels.co.uk They always worry so much when they go away and leave me at the boarding kennels. Fretting about whether I will miss them, and will I forgive them for leaving me when they come back, and will I be a good boy for the owners?

Well I can tell you exactly how I am going to be … ecstatic!! Now don’t get me wrong I do miss them both when they are away, but the kennels is amazing. I finally get some time to myself where I can ponder on what I am going to have written in my memoirs – now all I have to do is perfect holding a pen in my mouth and learn to write. Oh, and spell. Anyway, back to the kennels. The place is sheer luxury a room all to myself, no more having to listen to Joe snoring at night. He really should get that looked into, he sounds like some sort of pneumatic drill and it is really hard to dream about chasing my tail when all I can hear is him. Also, the lady at the kennels gives the best tummy rubs. Not that I would ever tell Katie that.

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All this excitement thinking about my impeding stay in the kennels has got my tail waging furiously. I mustn’t let them see me being too happy about it. I don’t want to spoil the illusion that I am going to be devastated when they leave and pine away for them for a week. I wonder if my good friend Bertie will be staying there this time. He has been there the last two occasions I have stayed Bertie is hilarious he likes to think that he is some sort of detective, always trying to work out where the dogs in the other kennels have come from and what their families are like and he has such long fur over his eyes that can often be heard crashing into his food bowl in the middle of the night.

Well, I’m off to start packing my favourite toys to take with me. I will fill you in on all the kennel gossip when I get back.