How to create your own bathroom spa at home

For most of us, the idea of a day at the spa is very tempting. There’s the pampering, the facials and the overall relaxing. But when it comes to it, very few of us do manage a day at the spa. There’s the hassle of booking, driving there and the general lack of privacy. For this reason, we are increasingly turning to home spas. By creating a relaxing spa environment at home, you can enjoy all the benefits without any of the hassles.

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Setting the scene

It goes without saying that you’ll need to create the right atmosphere first. Any kids’ toys or other unsightly objects need to be tidied away, and you’ll want to make sure your bathroom is clean. Bringing plants in from other rooms can really help set the mood, and if you’re lucky enough to have cast iron baths at home, then you’re halfway there. Candles are also a plus, but not needed for a daytime spa. Instead, you could try heating some essential oils in a burner for the full spa feel.

Exotic spas

If you have a separate shower, try the Japanese spa technique of showering and exfoliating with a glove, before getting into to your bath. This really is a luxurious feeling, sinking into a hot bath once you’re already clean. You could also try a flower bath. Flower baths are particularly popular in exotic locations such as Thailand, where spa guests can indulge in Jasmine baths. However, for a more British feel, look out for rose petal bath packets or pick some of your own.

Sourcing your spa

Obviously, having nice bathroom furniture and fittings, or a cast iron bath like the ones at will help set the scene. However, you can also shop for home spa accessories, with a view to using your bathroom as a spa more often.

The little extras

Once you’re soaking in your lovely warm flower bath surrounded by foliage and the scent of oils, reach over and apply your homemade beauty masks. There’s really no need to buy mask products if you have fresh honey, thyme, yogurt or cucumber at home. Natural yogurt is a probiotic and good for cleansing and soothing. For a more vigorous mask, try adding coffee to an inexpensive mud or clay mask.