How to Correctly Identify Your Skin Type

A quick glance at the skincare aisle in a shop may make it seem like identifying your skin type is a relatively simple process. All you have to do is recognise whether your skin is dry, oily or combined and then buy the corresponding products. However, while this method is a great place to start, for most of us finding the right skincare product is much more specific to us as individuals.

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Approach Products with Caution

Our skin can be influenced by factors such as weather and stress. Certain products may aggravate these issues and prove to be too harsh for your skin. Additionally, heavy and highly-concentrated products can end up making your skin more oily or dry, even if this is exactly what they are trying to combat.

As a result, using the wrong product could be making your skin worse and so it is essential to pick the right treatments. Individuals with oily skin should avoid emollient products and for acne sufferers the ingredients of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, are crucial for keeping your pores under control.

Test Your Skin

An effective way of correctly identifying your skin type is by washing your face with a neutral product, applying a cleanser and then waiting roughly 20 minutes to see the effects on your skin. Tightness and dryness will indicate dry skin, while the appearance of oil will suggest oily skin. The most common skin type is combination skin, and this will be shown by an oily T-zone with dryness around the jaw and cheeks.

Choosing the Right Products

Identifying your true skin type is a great start to improving your skin. Great products for dry skin include those with rich lotion and serum textures. Products such as Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm are made specifically for very dry skin for their rejuvenating qualities and can be found at To avoid making oily skin oiler, it is best to stick to light fluid, liquid or gel products. Combined skin is best targeted with a mix of emollient and light-weight products.

Additional Factors

The main skin types of dry, oily and combined skin are helpful if your skin falls within that category. In addition, factors such as unprotected sunshine exposure, health problems, make-up and erratic skin can all contribute to what skincare treatment is suitable.