Freshwater fish-How to care for a freshwater fish?

How to care for a freshwater fish?

When it comes to setting up an aquarium you may only want to have freshwater fish species in it, however, not all live under the same conditions, as there are cold water fish as well as hot water fish.

Following these tips, you will know how to take care of a freshwater fish perfectly and everything necessary to keep the aquarium in perfect condition.

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How to Properly Care for a Freshwater Fish

Consider the size of the aquarium:

The first and always fundamental is to take into account the size of the aquarium for the amount of fish that we are going to have. Especially know their qualities if they need more space or less to swim, the type of speed …

Control the temperature of the water:

If you are going to have tropical freshwater fish, they need to live in warm waters, so you will have to have the temperature of the water to be warm or warm. In the case of cold water, you will not need to have a temperature regulator to heat the water. You most need an auto fish tank heater.

Keep the water clean:

Ideally to keep the water clean, if the aquarium is very large, place a filter to take care of cleaning any impurities. There are also so-called fish cleaners.

Put fish that are compatible:

Although the fish are of the same type of water, this does not imply that they are going to get along with each other, because there will be fish that are dedicated to attacking others or the water conditions are not the same for their correct watch out. So when choosing a large group of fish to be sure to be well informed about each type of fish and with which other types are compatible.

Have good lighting:

It is not good for sunlight to directly touch the fish tank, so you will need to buy a spotlight or some artificial light for the fish tank. Of course, at night you must turn it off for the fish to sleep.

Choosing Plants:

When choosing plants, safes, boats, or any other decorative object in your aquarium, you should keep in mind that not all fish can have many ornaments in the aquarium because of poor visual ability or how fast They move and that can cause them to clash with the scenery.

Fill the aquarium slowly:

It is not good that you put the group of fish in the aquarium at once. Once the aquarium is full of water, leave the filter running for at least 24 hours to remove the chlorine. Then you can start to put the fish slowly, leaving a few hours between each fish.

Properly feed your fish:

Although they are the same type of water. Some species eat a certain type of food and at certain times of the day. So it is possible that not all fish will eat at the same time. But generally, all the freshwater fish agree that their feeding is made with Artemia and preparations of scales. You should give them at least three times a day, but find out in the store before you buy them.

What kind of fish is best to take care of?

Choosing the kind of fish is just the same as something difficult, as it has to be matched to your requirements and goals. but the easiest fish to take care of fresh water are:

Carp: It is among the best known in the world and very easy to find and care for.

Sucker: It is also known as the fish clean fishes, as it also feeds on waste found in aquariums. It is the type of cleaning fish mentioned above.

Bubble Eye Fish: Easily recognizable by the bubbles it has near your eyes.

Goldfish: A variety of freshwater quite simple to care for and breed. There are many varieties of the Goldfish and not all are compatible with the rest of fish. Because some require certain requirements in the water.

Catfish: Distinguishable by his mustaches, he gives glamor to aquariums.


Taking care of freshwater fish can be a simple job. But also very hard if you neglect your food support. Because even if you put compatible fish you may end up attacking each other. So we advise you to set a schedule for your care and often clean the water.

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