Do You Need To Hire A Divorce Attorney | Boca Divorce Attorney

A big question that most people have when thinking deeply about divorce is whether they need to hire an attorney. While many people prefer to keep costs down while having a divorce, it may be far more expensive then what you’d have thought of if you don’t hire an attorney. Hiring an attorney or not depends on a number of factors like,

  1. How well you understand your legal rights in a divorce? There are so many cases in which people agreed to their spouse’s demands out of fear that they would do much worse, when in fact the law would have provided for far more. For instance, out of fear fathers may agree to spend much less parenting time than they would deserve or wives may agree to far less spousal maintenance than they receive.
  2. How well do you know and understand your finances? In most of the cases people let their spouse make all the financial decisions. In a divorce, they then take their other half’s word as to how much income he/she is earning or what they have in assets and debts. Unfortunately most people are capable of elongate the truth in such situations to get a better result for themselves. You need Boca Divorce Attorney who can help you to understand your financial situation so that you can make better decision.
  3. Does the other half have an attorney? This should probably be the first question, because if the answer is yes, then definitely you should need your own attorney too in order to balance things. There are such cases when people come after accepting a terribly unjust settlement because they trusted their spouse’s attorney. Always remember, your other half’s attorney is working for her not for you.
  4. Finally, do not sign anything, without having it reviewed by a trusted attorney. You may not need to hire the attorney to represent you but at least have a Boca divorce attorney to review what you are agreeing to and what you will legally be bound to follow.

Good news is now they are just a phone call or email away. If you are serious about retaining an attorney for your divorce case, please contact Boca divorce attorney to discuss your specific situation. Experienced divorce and family law lawyers are there to help you.