Creative Ways To Give Back This Season

Making donations to charities has many effects, felt throughout local and worldwide communities. The folks at Labov and Beyond understand the impact that donations can make, and they strive every holiday to give back as much as possible. Their Facebook page shows you just how much they’ve done for their local communities, but it’s not just businesses and corporations that have an impact. Every donation helps out families in need over the holiday season.

More families than ever are forced to turn to food banks, clothing banks, and other charities for help in today’s economy. With the added need, many organizations need more donations than ever. Non-profit organizations can always make use of both monetary and physical gifts as well.

A donation to a charity can be beneficial in many ways. It often means a tax deduction, in addition to the emotional value of helping others. For those receiving donations, it can mean a full meal, a warm place to sleep, and even life-changing experiences. Food banks provide countless families with meals, and clothing banks give clothes and coats to those children who wouldn’t normally have them. Nationwide organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters provide mentoring and direction for young people. Often, the kids involved in this type of organization come from rough backgrounds, and having a Big Brother or Big Sister gives them a chance to get ahead in school, learn their own value, and realize that they can make a difference too.

Giving to charity can be easier than you think. Do you have kids? Clean out the clutter of their toy box and let them give some things they don’t use anymore to other children (and teach them to do good things for others at an early age). Outgrown clothes in the closet? Clothing banks and organizations like Goodwill always take donations of gently-used clothes for all ages. Goodwill also has an extensive training and employment program for displaced workers and those who have trouble being otherwise employed. As adults, we can pick up an extra holiday meal at the grocery store, and they will often have a donation site nearby to drop it off. Or, as many choose to do, plan to withhold a small amount from each paycheck throughout the year, and choose a charity at the holidays to give the combined total to. The national and local organizations dedicated to providing aid to those in need are numerous, and it is never difficult to find one.