5 more signs of a great truck driver

A life on the open road; it sounds good, but in reality, it can get stressful and dangerous. Everyone’s perception of a truck driver is that they clog up the roads and motorways and get in the way. To be a great truck driver, you need to have excellent driving skills and loads of patience.

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Truck drivers need to be responsive to the driving conditions they come across. In order to be alert at all times, they must make sure they are well-rested and ready for the task in hand. With ever changing weather conditions, road works and road closures they need to be vigilant and able to make decisions quickly.

Customer service

It’s the driver who meets the customer face to face while delivering orders, therefore, they need to be courteous at all times, displaying a professional and polite attitude.

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Great truck drivers earn their wages and give value for money. They don’t take shortcuts or disobey laws and regulations. Honesty is paramount to their own job satisfaction. Any bumps or accidents must be reported immediately. For the safety of the drivers truck camera systems would be beneficial.


Great truck drivers need to keep themselves physically and mentally fit. The number of hours they spend out on the road needs the ability to stay sharp and on the ball. They also need a certain amount of fitness in order to assist loading and unloading their trucks.


Great truck drivers have to know how to handle stress as they come across stressful situations every day. Apart from the pressure their career puts on their family with them being away from home for long periods of time, a career in driving can be a highly stressful one.

Trucking companies can help their drivers by making sure the wagons are 100% roadworthy. To further assist them, security and truck camera systems truck camera systems should be installed.

Truck drivers need to work to a tight schedule when customers are open for them to do deliveries, so timeliness is an important attribute in order to ensure pick-ups and deliveries are on time.

With the busy summer season coming up, give a thought to the trusty old truck driver out there on the busy roads, day and night keeping the economy of the country going.