5 key things to know before you buy new windows

So, you’ve made the decision to replace your windows. This is a great plan as they will save you money in the long run through energy saving and by putting value on your home.


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However, here are a few things you still need to consider before taking the final plunge and buying double glazing in Dublin.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency rating of your new windows will dictate how much you save on your energy bills so, in order to maximise your savings, you need to look for replacement windows with an energy star rating. However, the higher the energy star rating, the more expensive the window, so it’s worthwhile figuring out if its worth the extra investment to get the higher rating.


All window manufacturers should offer a warranty on their windows. Most will offer 20 years warranty on the glass itself, which means that if a seal fails or the window gets a stress crack, then the company will replace it at no charge. In addition, there should also be a 10 year warranty on the construction of the window, which covers things like locks, hinges and balance systems.


Most replacement windows are constructed of 100% vinyl, however, other options include wood, fibreglass or aluminium. Each of these options has pros and cons, so do your homework and figure out which is the best option for you. Alternatively, ask a trustworthy company, like Keane Windows Dublin.

The installer

If you are not able to fit the windows yourself, you should ask your window salesman if the window installers they use are employees or subcontractors, if they have been background and police checked before employment and how experienced they are. It’s worth asking these questions to give you peace of mind that you will be getting a good installation job. Asking should give you a feel for the company too.

Your quote

It might seem like a daft question, but it’s definitely worth asking your salesman if the quote you’ve been given includes everything involved in the job from the construction of the windows to delivery to your house and the removal of old windows. Are all of the window fixtures and fittings included and will any damage to window surrounds, plaster or paintwork be rectified?