4 Shocking Medical Devices Approved by the FDA

Following the completion of research studies carried out by Clinical Research Associates from professional clinical solution providers such as http://www.gandlscientific.com, new medical treatments and technologies must be approved by the FDA before they can be marketed in the U.S. This process can take months and many of these treatments are rejected if they are not proven to be both safe and effective for human use.

4 Shocking Medical Devices Approved by the FDA

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There have been times in medical history when the FDA have approved devices and treatments that have shocked the nation. Here are just four of the best medical devices that have been blessed with the FDA stamp of approval:

  1. Clearblue Pregnancy Test

Regular pregnancy tests usually tell a woman if she is pregnant by displaying an unclear symbol, either a plus or minus. However, since the FDA approved the Clearblue pregnancy test, women are able to find out not only if they are pregnant or not, but how far along they are. This is displayed on a small screen on the test, indicating the number of weeks since conception. This enables expecting mothers to receive clearer results before making an appointment with their doctor.

  1. Migraine Headband

A fairly recent step forward in the battle against migraines comes in the form of a medical device used as a headband. This band is places around the head, with the front placed on the forehead. It eases the constant throbbing pain caused by a migraine by penetrating electrical signals to stimulate the nerves causing the headache. The migraine headband has been proved effective by many users who reach for it as soon as they feel a headache coming along.

  1. Hair Growth

Balding men and people who wish for more hair on their heads will be happy to know that transplanting hair follicles may just be the solution you’ve been searching for. According to an experiment carried out by the Columbia University, they found that by transplanting hair follicles upside down may lead to the follicles taking rout and sprouting hair. This is a strange but pretty impressive advancement in a medical, but albeit slightly creepy, sense.

  1. Smart Watches

A smart watch, such as the Apple smartwatch, is able to help people keep track of their general health. It can do so by recording aspects of health such as heart rate, pulse and the amount of calories lost during exercise etc. This little gadget has enabled users to keep better track of their health whilst providing other useful tools such as GPS and even shopping tools.