10 Advantages of Scrum Master Certification

What Is Scrum?

It may sound like something you expect to find on a rugby pitch, but Scrum is actually a relatively simple project management framework.

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According to research by Scrum Alliance in 2015, the overall success rate of projects delivered using Scrum was 62%. This is significantly higher than with traditional project management methods.

Project Managers who feel they would like to add Scrum knowledge to their repertoire would do well to undertake the Certified Scrum Master training in Dublin.

The ten main advantages of Scrum certification are:

1. Basic Scrum knowledge – You will study every aspect of Scrum, meaning that you learn the skills that enable you to apply Scrum effectively in your workplace.

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2. A change in mindset – To effectively learn how to make the best of an agile methodology such as Scrum, you’ll need to adopt an agile mindset. This helps deal with unforeseen problems and results in better teamwork and more successful projects.

3. Expanded career opportunities – Obtaining this certification will improve your career opportunities in any organisation that uses agile practices.

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4. Influence your organisation – Perhaps your organisation is not yet on board with the Scrum methodology? Having a proven agile professional may well influence the management team to adopt this approach.

5. Benefit your organisation – Scrum methodology can help deliver tangible benefits quickly. The certification process can enable you to bring these benefits to your organisation.

6. Work well with your peers – Scrum methodology emphasises communications, teamwork and speed.

7. Prove your core Scrum knowledge to peers – Certification proves that know your stuff.

8. Join a community of experts – Scrum certification will enable you to join a community of like-minded individuals.

9. Competitive edge – If you are part of a team that bids to win projects, having certified Scrum Masters is a great selling point.

10. Badge of honour – All certification is something that you should take pride in. It shows that you are serious about a certain topic. Also, if you are a manager, training your employees indicates you are committed to their development.