The Bond that doesn’t break

There was a time that a Bond film was the staple of the Christmas television schedule. Whilst digital and streaming packages have muted this TV “event” somewhat the films still have a huge draw and regularly pop up on the schedules. Regardless of what you use, a TV aerial is still an essential part of the home and Steve Unett Aerials, a TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham based firm, are needed to help fix and set one up for you.

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James Bond is the creation of Ian Fleming. However, the books that he wrote bore little resemblance to the films that Albert “Cubby” Broccoli made. One thing he did get right was making Bond the same misogynistic, cold killer that was in the books. The series began in the early Sixties with Dr No. All of Fleming’s books were turned into films until The Living Daylights which was the first of those written by other writers.

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Regardless, the theme ran on rejuvenating itself with the introduction of Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosan. Daniel Craig gave the series a more gritty feel after the influence of Jason Bourne. Before, though it had started well, Roger Moore’s tenure had turned decidedly lame and lacklustre. It had such a great start with Sean Connery but the world was moving on.

For a start, the Cold War was over by the start of the Nineties and HIV/AIDS has put something of a damper on the womansing element as well.