How to create a retro kitchen

Have you long dreamt of a retro kitchen? This look is enjoying a surge in popularity that includes kitchens decorated in light, fun colours and designs with soft, rounded shapes. If you desire a unique and different aesthetic for your kitchen space, here are some ways to create a retro feel in your home:

  1. Go for pastel

For retro kitsch, choose pastel colours. Blue, green, pink and yellow are ideal for creating an understated look, especially if you paint just one wall in this colour while keeping the rest of the walls neutral with cream, latte or light grey.

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  1. Get the diner look

The kitchen diner is a big part of the retro chic. During the fifties, the family combined the traditional dining room with the kitchen to make a more open, friendly and cosy dining space. Think of the bright chrome furniture with wipeable tabletops and chairs to match. For Norwich Fited Kitchens, visit a site like Norwich Fitted Kitchens through Graysfitted Kitchens

  1. Go retro with equipment

The perfect way to add some retro style to your kitchen is to do it through your appliances. This is also a more economical option than installing all new. Appliances such as refrigerators, coffee machines and kettles are all available in retro design. American style refrigerators in cool pastels and soft edges are perfect for either a modern or retro kitchen style.

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  1. Tiles for the splashback

Other looks you can try out include splashback tiles, which you can DIY if you are on a budget. Think of geometric patterns and pastel colours for the best retro designs.