The Jewelry Tree

There are a couple of ways to obtain a jewelry tree: one is to purchase online or in some jewelry specialty stores, and second is to make your own jewelry organizer in the form of a tree.

Buying jewelry trees is best for people who want to have an elegant and sophisticated jewelry organizer for their room. On the other hand, a homemade jewelry tree is best recommended for those who have an artistic inclination to creating designs out of resourceful materials and for those who are simply on a lean budget and who do not want to spend money.

A sculpted jewelry tree is a unique form of jewelry organizer because there really is nothing like it. It resembles a tree, where its miniature branches and twigs serve as a holder for jewelry pieces like bracelets, necklaces, and even rings. These twigs and branches are specially designed to cater to your jewelry storage needs and they are made to securely hold your precious items.

Jewelry trees are classified according to the materials they were made from. Natural jewelry trees are made of wood, whereas the synthetic ones are made of metal or plastic.

For people who want to sport a traditional style in their room, an organizing tree made out of real wood and refined with varnish is best recommended. Jewelry organizing trees that are made and sculpted from metal are likely to be furnished with a silver finish to achieve a certain brilliant effect. Thus, trees that are made out of synthetic materials are highly suggested for those people who have modern interior design concepts in their homes, as that would best complement the other decorations in your home.

The base of most jewelry trees is usually made of metal so that the whole tree will not run the risk of falling down or tipping over. You can purchase a typical jewelry-organizing tree in some of the leading online stores between the price range of $80 and $100, while the most exquisite designs can cost even higher.

Nevertheless, as I have earlier mentioned, if you do not want to spend cash to buy such an expensive organizer, you may try making your own jewelry tree. It may seem difficult to some, but the truth is, making it is quite simple. Doing something like this will only require your resourcefulness and creativity, as well as artistic exploration to imagine what you feel like having to organize your jewelry items.

All you need is a sturdy tree branch with lots of miniature twigs sprawling, to optimize storage capacity. You would also need an empty food jar, plaster of Paris, varnish, and tools that you will use along the course of making it, such as scissors and sandpaper.

I guess I would not have to tell you how to do it step-by-step because it is not that hard to imagine how a tree is supposed to look like. In less than an hour, you can have a handmade organizing tree without having to spend too much cash.