How to look after your Aran sweaters

Aran Sweaters like the ones from are great items of clothing that only look stylish and fashionable but they are also incredibly comfortable and long lasting. Whilst you can wash most modern clothing in your washing machine, although not all are suitable for tumble drying, there are a number of people who prefer to wash their aran sweater by hand to help preserve them for as long as possible and to prevent them from being pulled out of shape in the machine.

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Here are some steps to follow if you want to hand wash your jumpers.

  • Pre-soaking – this is one of the best ways to get stains and dirt out of your jumpers. It is best done in lukewarm water that contains a small amount of detergent. You can buy some that are purposely designed for woollen items. You can presoak for anything from an hour through to an overnight soaking. After this time you should rinse out your jumper a couple of times to get all the detergent out.

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  • Washing – now you can hand wash your jumper one last time to really give it a freshen up. Follow the same steps as for pre-soaking but don’t leave your jumper in the water for longer than half an hour. Rinse off and pay particular attention to the collar and cuff areas.
  • Drying – carefully squeeze out any water and then lay your jumper out flat to dry. You will need to ensure that it gets a lot of fresh air in order for it to dry effectively.