Gaps in the market

It seems that as the speed of the digital era continues, the skills needed to remain competitive in the world of marketing, it is not moving fast enough. Many business owners find it difficult to recruit talented digital marketers. Although there are many out there, the problem lies in finding candidates that can cover all aspects of digital marketing such as SEO and social media. If the gap does not close, it could cost the UK up to £ 2 billion per year.

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All businesses, if they want to remain competitive, need to find a rapid influx of talent that is able to boost digital business and there is not enough available. What is required is some innovation in the industry and now there is some evidence of this realization with internships and apprenticeships being offered and different initiatives to attract school leavers.

If, as a business, you are suffering from short-term skills gaps then you can contact a Brand Strategy Agency. Find out more at Really Helpful Marketing. This kind of organization will help to provide you with professional and experienced marketers, strategists and experts. In the long term, as globalization continues, the UK may need to look abroad for emerging talent. The moving speed is much faster in many other countries, and so we can find a lot of digitally intelligent young people. We need to make ourselves an attractive prospect for them to come to the UK.

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We need to be involved in a major collaboration with industry leaders, educational institutions and businesses to bring about the kind of changes needed. Classes at school are not keeping up with advances in the world of work and leaving all young people at a serious disadvantage.