You want to be video blogger ? Some tips (applications and services) to start

A few days ago we showed you start recording gameplays then post them to YouTube required some special applications. Today we look at what it takes to another video format that increasingly looks more on that platform: implemented video blog or “vlog”.

Channels like MeloMore or of Casey Neistat have a community of great followers, and follow the basic rules of any “vlogger” availing itself : up a video every day, about 10 minutes or so, and they simply have what they do with their lives without implying anything special. All you have to do is bring a camera always ontop and burn, burn and burn; in addition to being prepared for any situation with some applications and services enabled. Let ‘s look at what it takes to start.

You want to be video blogger Some tips (applications and services) to startTen Storage, much storage

You’re shooting a long video, so if you’re going to do with the camera on your smartphone (the latest recorded a more than sufficient for this quality) and your network connection is fast you can always speed up the transfer of videos to 1080p having a space without space problems as Google Photos.

Still, you’ll be moving large amounts of data from one device to another constantly. So make sure you have space in both the machine you use to record and the computer which you edit those videos and upload them to YouTube. And do not forget external hard drives large capacity: will be surprised how many gigabytes you can fill after two weeks of recordings.

Edit video quickly and easily is key

You are about to edit a video every day, and so that is something that you will consume considerable time. Try to have (apart from a computer with enough performance to not have to wait too long and work nimbly) an application that is easy to use, to the point to those issues.

You will not need too many professionals to set up a “vlog” based on cuts that have been recorded during the day features, so do not need to see you go to programs like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro unless you do not need something exclusive of these programs. With programs like Adobe Premiere Elements or iMovie you have more than enough to start. And the alternatives open eye with tools such as Pitivi or the sameBlender , which has video editing tools besides being a developer of 3D graphics.

Be careful when monetizing: Use appropriate content licenses

If you use one or more songs background for your videos, please note that you can not take anything from the network. YouTube is very strict with copyright, so you must search for songs with licenses that allow you to use free or commercial purposes if you plan to monetize your videos.

The same YouTube has a section with songs that can be used safely, though sites like Incompetech or Jamendo also offer a catalog of free and untethered music.