What is scent therapy and how can it be used?

Most people have heard of aromatherapy but less are aware of scent therapy. Whilst this type of therapy uses essential oils it is not the same as aromatherapy.

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We all use our sense of smell each day as scent molecules are given off different items and travel to our noses where they are interpreted. This interpretation not only identifies what the smell is, if we have smel it before, it can also produce an emotional response. This response is due to the fact that our emotions and very much linked to our senses. If in the past you have smelt a loved ones perfume and they are no longer around you will find that when you come across that scent again you will be reminded of the individual. You may also find that a bouquet of flowers from a Gloucestershire Florist such as http://flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk/ will evoke memories of a summers day or perhaps a wedding.

This is where scent therapy can be utilised for a variety of different reasons. It can be used by people experiencing a particular type of trauma by desensitizing them to a particular smell as well as enhancing smells that make them feel good. It is also used incredibly successfully by individuals who are struggling with anxiety and stress.

It is here that aromatherapy and scent therapy cross over as essential oils are used in both. These oils have been used as far back as in Ancient Greece and Egypt where they were used in rituals and ceremonies and where created by extracting the oils from a variety of flowers and herbs and distilling these for use in helping the sick, as perfumes and for home fragrances.

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The overriding aim of scent therapy is to enhance your overall physical and mental wellbeing using the sense of smell and a variety of scents and essential oils in which to do this. It is used as a part of holistic therapies and as a way to treat the whole person rather than looking at smaller elements. There are certain essential oils that will be used as standard (as long as the individual does not have any other conditions that mean these oils should not be used) and these include lavender, peppermint and rosemary.

Lavender is well known for its relaxing qualities and is used to help bring about a sense of calm to an individual and it is used in a number of different toiletry products such as bath oils and moisturisers so that its benefits can be felt all day long. Peppermint is known for helping with digestive and muscular issues but it can also be used as a way in which to energise yourself and improve mental clarity during the day. Rosemary is another oil that is used for invigoration and an energy boost.

During scent therapy these smells may be used along with a number of other smells to produce an enhance sense of wellbeing.