Manipulating our outside environments

As human beings we have developed in some many different ways from our early ancestors. It is our intelligence and the development of our analytical brains that have allowed us to manipulate the environment around us in order to make the temperature and other atmospheric conditions more pleasing. This makes us unique in the world. If we are struggling with extremes of heat such as experienced during the freezing winter months we can simply contact a Boiler Installation Cheltenham company to come and fit a new boiler in our property to ensure that we are nice and toasty until the warmer Spring weather appears. You can find Boiler Installation services provided by the combi man and other providers local to you.

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Other animals have had to adapt in their physical bodies in order for them to survive in the temperatures and weather that we have now protected ourselves from. Camels are a good example of animals that can thrive in even the hottest of temperatures They are able to survive with very little water being available due to the makeup of their humps and can kneel on the boiling hot sand without getting burnt due to the thick leather-like skin they have on their knees.

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How animals survive depends on whether they are warm or cold blooded. Warm blooded animals have to try and maintain a constant body temperature as large fluctuations either up or down can have an impact on their overall health and condition. In essence, like ourselves, we need to regulate our heat in order to maintain an average internal body temperature.  Cold blooded animals do not have to regulate their body temperature in the same way as they gain tier heat from their outside environment. This will fluctuate and therefore their own body temperature will also alter. Other than birds and mammals, all other inhabitants of the world are naturally cold blooded. The size of the animal can be seen to dictate whether they are cold or warm blooded, with larger animals tending to be of the warm blooded variety. This is due to the fact that due to their size keeping themselves regulated based on the external environment would be very inefficient and would take a long time and would make them more susceptible to attacks from predators.

If we were left to try and maintain our temperatures whilst living in the outside environment we would not have thrived so well as a species.