All About Hair Transplant Costs And Procedure

Hair transplants have been desirable since decades due to several hair fall reasons. Everyone wants to look good and young. Hence, the wish of the clients is not only surgery or the transplant of hair but also full hair restoration. Hair restoration being the major objective requires the right procedures and the right methods for treatments and the surgery.

To understand the procedure it should be understood that for full hair restoration the major requirement is an excellent donor hair site for the client. This donor area should be from the patient’s own body from somewhere where the hairs are in abundance. The ideal place as a donor is a better side of the head that may not be bald yet. If there is a good donor area on your head, you are all set for hair restoration!

The Hair Restoration Surgery

Grafting or the other method being strip incision is ideal for a hair restoration surgery. The procedure requires the peeling off of the dermis from the donor area. Along with the hair and the hair follicles, the dermis is implanted on the donor area of the patient. The problem arises in terms of the quantity of hair fibers, as each skin graft contains only approx 10 hair follicles each. Approximately 30 skin grafts could be used.

This method is one of the most ancient methods when it comes to hair restoration surgeries. It is less time consuming and also less expensive, which makes it one of the most common methods, opted for hair transplant. The major disadvantage of this technique being is the appearance of the output, as it makes the surgery-hair look quite unnatural. Many surgeons have shifted to new and improved methods however this method is still widely used.

The latest procedures for hair restoration have the advantage as they require fewer grafts hence fewer follicles. For excellent results the copying method or the hair for hair procedure should be used.

Hair Restoration Procedures

There are two basic procedures when it comes to hair restoration procedures.

i)                    The mini micro grafting procedure

ii)                  Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation Procedure

Hair Transplant Costs

It should be kept in mind that the hair transplant surgeries are not at all cheap. It costs a fortune to look young again and get your hair back. The approximate cost for a full hair restoration surgery may range from $2500 to $3000. The costs per graft vary from $2 to $15 per graft. However the Follicular Unit Transplant method costs much more than the micro graft method. The cost for a Follicular Unit Transplant maybe as much as $15 per graft. Approximately about 200 grafts are used in one session. Hence, the cost sums up to around $3000. The major difference in costs is due to the difference in procedures and the time spent for the surgeon. Moreover the number of grafts required and the number of sessions also matter.

A thorough research must be done by the patient before choosing which clinic or which surgeon is the best in town for your surgery, you could also compare the costs for a better idea.