Considerations Before Moving to the Countryside

Over the last year, the way that we live our lives has changed considerably. During the lockdown, many people found that despite the crisis of a global pandemic, they enjoyed the fact that they could spend time at home, and that the busy rush of everyday life had calmed down.


Many people are now taking the opportunity to make permanent changes to their life so that they can enjoy the benefits of a slower pace of life and for many people this means a move to the countryside.

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Rural estate agents like Stonehouse Estate Agents TGRES have found that there is an increased demand for housing in rural areas from people who live in big cities, keen to embrace country life. As some people make working from home a long term arrangement, and ogle homes in the great British countryside, here are some things to consider if this is something that you are weighing up…


A healthier lifestyle is one of the biggest reasons that people give to live in the country. The air is cleaner and as well as this the effect on mental health can be beneficial too, as the beautiful natural surroundings and lower stress levels can be a huge help.

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Less pollution does mean that there is less transport. If you rely on public transport to get around, the countryside may not be for you – it is advisable to have a car if you live rurally as there are a lot less options when it comes to public transport and a quick trip to the shops may not be that quick!