Why it’s better to travel by coach

There must have been times when you’ve travelled by bus or train and been forced to stand or have someone practically sitting on your lap? It’s not much fun is it? Driving a car in rush hour or around busy roads is equally no fun when you can’t appreciate the scenery because you’re too focused on the road. Feeling stressed, rushed and generally uncomfortable puts most of us off travel altogether. There is a solution. Take a trip by coach. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing coach travel instead:


When compared to other forms of transport, coach travel is actually very cost-effective. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you ask for a quote, whether it’s for a day out, a holiday, a corporate fun day or as a way to get people to and from an event.

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You’ll never experience an overcrowded coach and you certainly won’t be forced to stand! You’ll always get a seat, modern coaches are air-conditioned, many have Wi-Fi and you can sit back, enjoy the view and simply relax. A coach journey is a guaranteed way to travel where you’ll have space to stow your bags and enjoy a comfortable seat and a big window to look out of.

Take in the scenery

With a coach trip you actually have the time to enjoy the world passing by. You’ll see the landscape you so often miss when driving in a car. See the sights, appreciate the countryside and take time to soak up the views we don’t often have time to truly see. For Coach hire Gloucester, visit https://www.johndixtravel.co.uk/


Driving into a place or city you’ve never visited before can be an incredibly stressful experience. Most people wouldn’t relish the prospect of navigating unknown streets, staying on course with no wrong turns and finding somewhere to park. You’ll feel tense, confused and probably just a little grumpy by the time you eventually arrive at your destination. Imagine someone else dealing with all of this on your behalf. A professional driver will likely have done the route many times and if not, well, it’s up to him or her to follow the confusing road signs and navigate the congestion while you take a nap or read a book!

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It’s a no-brainer

Taking a coach makes perfect sense and your body and mind will thank you for it. There is no need to deal with crowds of grumpy commuters, you get to enjoy the scenery and arrive at your destination nicely relaxed and ready to go.

Two core principles that every website should follow

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you own; whether you are selling products, generating new leads or getting users to sign up to a newsletter, there are some basic principles that your website should always follow.

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These best practices will make your website engaging and efficient, which will help to draw lots of new users in. This is very important if you want to grow and expand your brand.

Here are two basic principles that every website should follow:

Go for a simple, optimised website design

It can be tempting to add lots of features to your website, such as Flash videos, complex web design and lots of colours, but in reality this is off-putting to users. This is because complex features slow your website down, so it will take longer for each page to load – and users don’t have the patience to wait around, so if your web pages load slowly it is likely they will leave your website and visit a competitor’s page. It is also important to make sure that your website design is optimised for mobiles, as the majority of internet users are on their phone.

For this reason it is essential to make sure that your website is simple and efficient, rather than slow and complex. If you don’t know anything about web design, don’t worry; you can hire someone to do the job for you. This tends to be much quicker; web design specialists http://digi-tel.co.uk/gloucestershire-website-design/wordpress-web-design/ say that it is possible to create a website in a matter of weeks or months.

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Make sure your website is consistent

Your website should be visually consistent throughout. Every page should use the same colours and a similar design, and the tone of voice should also be similar. This may sound like a difficult task, but in reality it is fairly easy to find a Gloucester website design agency that has experience creating consistent websites.

It is also essential to make sure that the mobile version of the website is consistent with the desktop browser version. After all, lots of customers will check out your website on both their mobile and their computer, so if the website looks different on their mobile they might think that it belongs to a different company and leave the website.

Three 90s TV shows that are making a comeback

Pogs, body glitter, Tamagotchis… Three 90s gems which, fortunately, are not making a comeback. There are three 90s TV shows, however, that are set to make a comeback in a big way!

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It’s a risky business, bringing back legendary shows from childhood – what if the remake isn’t a patch on the original? There have been many that tried and failed but hopefully these three witchy 90s shows will live up to expectations! Watching in the south-west? TV aerial installation Bristol can make sure you’re ready to binge watch these supernatural classics.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

It’s been too long since we heard from Salem, Sabrina’s sarcastic, talking black cat. With her fun aunts, adorable boyfriend and ability to point a finger and get whatever she wanted, Sabrina was the envy of every adolescent girl. The original Sabrina was bright, upbeat and delightfully quirky, it seems that the new version will be a little darker. Under the new title, ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’, it will still be a coming-of-age tale, but with the bonus of delving deeper into the occult.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This ass-kicking teen had a double life, dealing with the usual angst-ridden school and relationship problems, while killing off evil monsters in their droves. The show even had a lesbian love storyline, which was one of the first times a TV series had explored this new territory. Buffy had (still has) a cult following, so fingers crossed they’re happy with this new series. Although it hasn’t even been written yet, the Buffy reboot is actually a sequel, not a remake.


Three sisters in a powerful coven with supernatural powers, saving innocent lives from evil beings… What’s not to like? There has been some controversy around the remake, starting this October, with original cast members and the new Latina trio of leading ladies being compared and judged already. Twitter has blown up with fans and stars making sure their opinions cannot be ignored. Let’s hope the sparks fly just as much in this remake!

You’re going to want to watch the new spin on these occult telly highlights, so make sure your TV is ready for them, with TV aerial installation Bristol  – TV Aerial Installation Bristol.

Three well-loved shows; three modern remakes. Let the nostalgic binge watching commence!a

Get Major Job Advertisements Online And Progress Your Career

Finding executive jobs  in the today’s world will be very hard for the degree holder who has less skill in the field. You are most likely at the purpose in life wherever you’re considering selecting employment or higher nevertheless, selecting the correct career. The question perpetually comes up on what very is that the distinction between employment and a career. Terribly properly speaking, the definition of a career may be a chosen pursuit, occupation or profession and also the definition of employment may be a task you get acquired. Employment is a few things you are doing to earn cash and essentially to create ends meet.

A career is formed of a series of jobs that area unit connected and supply any advancement in your chosen career future. Selecting a career path usually involves furthering your education or learning specific coaching skills. Having employment typically doesn’t embody any coming up with and folks usually get bored and weary over time as a result of they’re not utilizing their skills or following their passion and interests.

When you hate your job it is actually because you notice that the work offers no advancement and you are not building any skills for the long run. You are simply there to gather a daily check. Jobs usually have very little impact on future resumes as a result of they are unrelated to what you will be doing within the future. A career is formed of a series of stepping-stone-jobs which will perpetually look sensible on a resume as a result of the purpose in one specific activity direction.

It is usually afore said that employment offers few networking opportunities as a result of the folks you meet there, be it coworkers or customers, and won’t be the folks you will understand at your future dream job. Whereas a career connected job offers way more networking opportunities as a result of most of the folks around you have got similar interests and career aspirations. It is terribly potential that once a coworker moves on to a brand new and higher job position and other to low profile job; they will place in an exceedingly sensible word for you and suggest you for employment once the chance arises.

Now with all that being afore said it believes it ought to be discovered that generally the variations between employment and a career aren’t therefore cut and dried and infrequently it’s troublesome to differentiate between the 2. Let’s deem example the work as a architect, that typically involves mowing lawns, trimming bushes, raking leaves, etc. this might be thought of an occasional talent job requiring physical stamina and dealing outdoors. Plenty of laborers would contemplate this simply employment to gather a check and would do the minimum quantity of work needed.

However, another staff would contemplate this sort of labor excellent for themselves as a result of they love operating outdoors, fancy obtaining the work up, like operating with the mowing machinery, and even displaying their superior skill in planting flowers and trimming bushes. They take their work seriously and on rainy days rather than not manifestation for work they will be found fixing or cleansing the machinery or tools, learning the asking or business finish of the work, and usually doing quite is asked. Very often they will be promoted to foreman and can be the house owners paw man. Eventually, this sort of employee is destined to have their own landscaping business. Thus, a basic job has been remodeled into a moneymaking career as a result of the employee had treated it as quite employment. He treated it as a stepping stone to a profession he likes to do.

Another factor to recollect is to perpetually do your best possible notwithstanding what quite job you’re performing at. If you are a keeper, than be the simplest keeper the corporate ever had. If you’re a taxi driver, then be the simplest taxi driver you’ll presumably be. Perpetually do quite what’s asked of you. If you utilize this work logic altogether of your jobs, you’ll set yourself except your coworkers with management and customers eventually taking notice.

Incredible Dogs

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend and there are countless reasons why this is so. Our four-legged pals keep us warm on cold nights, bring us our post, accompany us on walks and greet us after a long day with a wagging tail and pure affection. There have been many examples of dogs being not just faithful and loyal friends but heroes as well. Here are some amazing stories of heroic pooches from around the world:

Counter-terror raid in Paris

You might have heard the sad story of a police dog from France named Diesel who was killed in Paris after a series of co-ordinated attacks on the city that killed 130 people.

The German Shepherd, who was aged 7, was shot multiple times in a raid on an apartment to find the perpetrator of this heinous atrocity. A veterinary charity in the UK awarded Diesel the highest level of posthumous honour for animals for his brave actions that day. Of course, our pets are all heroes to us. Why not treat your hero to special Dog Collars and Leads from https://iwoof.com ?

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Saved from snakes

In India, an incredible dog gave up his own life to protect his family of 8 people from a group of 4 cobras that were trying to enter the family home. The Doberman didn’t think twice about fighting off the four snakes in a gruesome battle that lasted several hours. He was bitten repeatedly and sadly died, but not before killing all of the snakes. The family say they owe him their lives and will remember him until they die.

The Recycling Dog

In England, there is a Boxer called Paris who likes nothing better than collecting cans and plastic bottles when out walking and placing them in the nearest recycling bin. Her owner says she has never been trained to do this but has been doing this wonderful job since she was a puppy.

Apprehending a violent criminal

A police dog from California named Sultan made the ultimate sacrifice after being shot in the neck when he entered a property in the search for a dangerous criminal. He was a German Shepherd-Belgian Malinois mix and was given a hero’s funeral at which hundreds of mourners attended.

The faithful friend

True devotion is demonstrated in this next story of a miniature Schnauzer called Sissy who was caught on CCTV walking 20 blocks to a hospital she’d never been to before in search of her owner. Her owner had been taken ill with cancer a fortnight earlier. The loyal and loving pup was found waiting in the hospital lobby. What an incredible example of devotion!

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The 3-legged military dog

A retired U.S Marine Corps dog called Lucca was awarded one of the military’s top medals for carrying out a whopping 400 missions. What’s even more remarkable was that she carried on working after losing a leg to an IED explosion in Afghanistan. She worked on operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, doing dangerous work sniffing out bombs and protecting the troops.

The barking dog who alerted the cops

This is an older story but still legendary. In 1928, a police dog in Manhattan pulled his unconscious owner out of a fire and barked non-stop until the police arrived and resuscitated the man. The amazing dog called Max pulled the burning clothes away from his owner before dragging him to safety and alerting people with his barking.

Next time I will say I watched it

After going to a friends, the other night for our monthly get together with 6 of our other mates I had to go home to do a bit of film research, Why? I hear you ask. Well because I admitted quite loudly to my friends that I had never seen the film ‘Pulp Fiction’. The look of horror on their faces you would have thought I had just told them that I had decided to move to the South Pole to live with the Penguins.

Well after the hysteria had calmed down I was told in no uncertain terms that I had to sit and watch the film immediately. So that is exactly what I did. I watched the whole film whilst seven of my closest friends watched me constantly to see what my reaction was to every little scene. It was very off-putting. Well of course there was an after showing grilling from them all where they wanted to know my favourite bits, so I thought I would share them with you.

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  • The dance at Jack Rabbit Slim’s – what a delivery by Uma and John. As is common with Tarantino films there is always a pop-culture reference somewhere in the films and this one will definitely stick in my mind. Choosing Chuck Berry’s ‘You Never Can Tell’ added to this great scene. If only I could pull off something like that when I go to https://www.undertheprom.com/ which is one of my favourite Cheltenham Nightclubs!
  • I shot Marvin – I wasn’t expecting this action-packed film to have such a funny moment and probably one of those awkward funny moments when you feel like you shouldn’t actually be laughing but you can’t help yourself. Marvin is shot in the face after the gun accidentally goes off during an everyday conversation with Vincent.

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  • Samuel L Jacksons scene reciting the Ezekiel 25:17 passage is pure genius and Jackson delivers it incredibly which is probably why it has been noted as one of his most memorable acting moments. I know actors are paid to learn and repeat lines but to remember the whole passage and deliver it with such emotion and conviction is testament to the actors’ skills.

I could go on and on about some of the amazing scenes in this film, but they are probably my top three. I was so impressed that I may even have a Pulp Fiction themed party for my next birthday. I had better get practicing that dance routine!

Learning from our past mistakes

The old saying that ‘An English man’s house is his castle’ is one that seems to have stood the test of time and throughout the ages the materials used in building property and the methods utilised in their construction has adapted. These adaptations either occur from finding quicker, safer and more cost-effective ways of doing things or as a reaction to something that has happened – usually something negative. The Great Fire of London is one such disaster. The methods and materials used nowadays by Gloucester Roofers like http://hempstedroofing.com/gloucester-roofers/ are a far cry from those used back in London in 1666. Here are a few facts about the event:

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  • It is thought the fire broke out in a bakery in Pudding Lane.
  • In total the fire lasted for four days from 2nd to 5th September and around 13,000 homes and 87 churches were destroyed during that time and it is estimated that 70,000 became instantly homeless.
  • One of the main reasons the fire spread so quickly was due to the materials used in the construction of the buildings – wood and straw, and the fact that they were built so closely together. Another possible reason was because immediately before the fire started the city had experienced a period of drought that itself had lasted for around 10 months.
  • We are aware of how the events unfolded during those fateful days because newspapers wrote about the events and numerous people detailed what happened in their personal diaries. This included the well-known writer Samuel Pepys. Many artists also portrayed the fire in their works for a few years following on from the impact it had on the city.
  • Tackling the fire was virtually impossible as it quickly became out of control. The only items people had at their disposal was metal buckets filled with water and water squirters.
  • Those people who lost their homes in the fire had to live in tents in the surrounding fields whilst their homes were rebuilt. During this period of construction the houses were built further apart and materials such as bricks were used rather than wood, both to help prevent a disaster on this scale from ever happening again.

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  • A monument was designed by Sir Christopher Wren to mark the event and those who lost their lives and can still be seen in London today.
  • In 1668 as a direct result of the fire New fire prevention regulations were approved by Parliament.

What does being an auto electrician involve?

As cars have become more complicated in recent years, they rely on an ever wider range of electrical and electronic systems. These control the vehicle’s performance, look after safety systems, ensure the comfort of the occupants and more besides.

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The market for automotive systems is therefore huge. The effect of this on the motor industry is that general mechanics often don’t have the specialist knowledge needed to maintain all these systems, so we’ve seen a rise in the numbers of specialist auto electricians. But what does this job actually involve?

The job

In the course of their job, an auto electrician might be involved in using specialist equipment to find faults. On newer cars, this might be a case of plugging in a laptop, but on older vehicles, it might mean testing with a multimeter.

It will often be necessary to consult and understand manufacturer’s wiring diagrams and manuals. Once a fault has been addressed by reinstating a connection or replacing a component, then it will be necessary to re-test to ensure the issue has been fixed. In some instances, this might involve taking the car for a road test, so auto electricians need to have motor trade insurance, from a supplier such as qmt motor trade insurers, to ensure the customer’s vehicle is covered.

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Qualifications and skills

What do you need if you’re thinking of becoming an auto electrician? There are few formal qualifications in this area. Most people enter via the apprenticeship route, which will require GCSEs in maths, English and probably a science subject.

You’ll need a reasonable level of physical fitness, as the job may involve lying under vehicles as well as stretching and bending. You will also need good colour vision, as vehicle wiring is invariably colour coded. Good attention to detail is essential, as is the ability to work methodically through a problem to eliminate possible causes.

Good practical skills are required to work with tools and electronic equipment. You will also be required to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry and have the ability to read and understand technical documentation. Although electricians generally work as part of a team in a garage or workshop, you also need the ability to work independently and rely on your own initiative when required to.

Why locum work helps to reduce pressure on doctors

General practitioners can get bad media coverage. Whether there are complaints about waiting times, working hours or available appointments, there tends to be a relatively large number of negative attention surrounding GPs; however, this can be attributed to the incredible pressure, stress and systemic failings that affect doctors in their everyday work.

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Increasing demand

GPs are struggling to keep up with demands for primary care made on them by patients. The Royal College of GPs recently acknowledged that the number of qualified doctors has fallen since September 2016, due in large part to the increasing strains put upon them.

GPs can be expected to come into contact with upwards of 50 patients per day, with some reporting up to 100. Studies have shown that doctors become unable to make well-informed professional judgement calls after meeting with 30 patients in a day. They are under pressure to deal effectively with patient volumes and, in turn, are fearful of their inability to work to their desired standards and of the possibility that one slip in judgement may cost them their jobs.

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Financially, doctors have reported that the government’s attitude towards the NHS and their practices has caused their incomes and available funds to dangerously dwindle. If they do not have the funds to treat their patients, how are they expected to meet the standards required? Many GPs have admitted that although they love their jobs, their current stressful situations have a severe impact on their family life, mental health and motivation.

GP locum jobs

Many doctors have become locum GPs to help ease the stress and pressure. Locum doctors are always required to fill in for GPs for anything from maternity leave to sickness or holidays. GP locum jobs are varied, flexible, and can provide better pay. Locum GPs can choose their working hours, sometimes limiting themselves to between five and eight hours per day. They can experience a wider range of cases and locations, and they are in great demand. GP Locum Jobs from the GP Locum Agency and similar organisations can provide GPs with a healthier work/life balance.

The advantages of becoming a locum GP are many, including no requirement for long-term commitment, better hours, higher salaries, and the opportunity to widen their career horizons by experiencing different practices and management.

How to build a garden shed?

If gardening is hobby for from a long time, you might have accumulated many tools to keep the garden look beautiful. Don’t you think you should arrange some place in the garden to accumulate them? Brining them into the garden all the way from the home looks tiresome if they are little heavy equipments. If you are planning to arrange some place for the equipments in the garden, then you can just think of garden shed. The current article is all about the factors that you should consider while building the shed in the garden.

Many types of sheds can be built in the garden. Different sheds have different requirements; however, there are common considerations irrespective of the type of the shed you build in your garden.


The amount of space that you should allocate to the shed in the garden is first issue that you face here. It all depends on the equipment you have for the gardening. If you have thoughts buy few more equipments for gardening in the future, it is advisable to leave some extra space in the shed. It always better to build 1/3 larger than your present needs.


Convenience is other key factor that one should consider while building shed in the garden. The items you arrange in the wooden shed should give you convince of fetching the equipment easily. The wooden shed should have directions for building shelves, racks for hanging tools like weed whips, hoes and other tools. Piling up all the equipments in the corner will vain the purpose of the building shed in the garden.


Apart from building the shed in good space with great convince building the shed in the right style is also very important. Some says that even the stylish sheds are an eyesore to the beautiful garden. You should choose a shed that matches your garden and property as well. You can make a choice between different styles of sheds like salt box, ginger bread and even colonial. Adding right looks to your shed as important as anything. Adding windows and roof for shed will enhance its appearance for sure. Make sure that you give due consideration to the looks of your home, if you are the owner who takes pride of looks of your home.


Most of the hose owners consider sheds that are made up of wood for their sheds. If you are one among them, you should take few factors into consideration. A serious gardener will find it very irritating to search the entire garden for the tools when needed. He loves to keep the things accumulated at one place and this is the junction where sheds comes in. Most of us look at size and looks when we consider planning for the wooden shed in the garden. You overlook the functionality of the wooden gardens when you build it. When you plan wooden garden, you check if it has full open side door so that you can easily take out garden carter outside easily. You can also consider having potter bench especially if you have potter plants.