Why is Spanish Food eaten so late

Many of us have been to the beautiful country of Spain and sampled its dining delights. As it is a Mediterranean country it has a very big focus on a variety of fish and crustaceans, roasted vegetables and olive oil. This is not a totally common thread in the centre of the country around Castile there is a great emphasis on suckling pig. In fact, it is considered to be a great delicacy for a whole suckling pig that has been roasted in a clay kiln to be served and divided up by using plates.

What you also might be aware of is the fact that the Spanish eat so late at night. Whilst it is pleasant to have your evening dinner under candlelight it does seem a bit counter intuitive to be starting at 9pm. Although sitting in your favourite Plus Size Dresses of an evening, enjoying the incredible food and wonderful weather is a delight to many a visitor to Spain you can find some great examples at   https://www.tempted.ie/dresses-plus-size-ladies-clothing-from-tempted-raheny-dublin-ireland/day-dress.html. They will be the perfect addition to your summer holiday wardrobe and many different styles and colours can be found. But, why do the Spanish eat so late?

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The reasons for it are shrouded in the midst of time, although you don’t need to go back that far to find out why. On the face of it the Iberian Peninsula is on the same time zone and longitude as us in the UK for Greenwich meantime time. They should be working to the timescales as ourselves in other words from the perspective of hours in the day. However, the Spanish clock is based on the European Central time longitude making the time in Madrid the same as Belgrade, the Capital of Serbia some one thousand five hundred and fifty miles to the East. Why would they align their time with a place that is so far away? The answer is strangely a deeply political past concession made by the Spanish in a time of global conflict and ideology.

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The Spanish Civil war was a microcosm of European ideological battle and also a warning as to what the Second World war was going to be like. It involved mechanised war and the direct attacking and involvement of civilians following the aerial bombardment of the village of Guernica. The conflict was between the popular Socialist/Communist left and the unpopular but better equipped Fascist right wingers. The victory went to the Fascist and their leader General Franco made the decision to bring the Spanish time in line with Nazi Germany who had been a big supporter of the new regime. The Civil war had ruined the country and the Spanish were in no mood to argue at the senselessness of the decision. They still ate their dinner at the same time its just the clock said 2pm as opposed to 1 pm. Even after the war it was never changed back!