Sansevieria – The Perfect Indoor Plant for Home or Office

The plant Sansevieria, also known as snake plant, and mother in law’s tongue, has long been a popular indoor plant. In the wild the plant is found in the scorching desert heat of Ethiopia, but has adapted well to being an indoor plant, and remains as popular today as it ever was.

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If you are wanting to add some greenery to your office – maybe you are going back to work and sprucing the office up with some next day office furniture from and have a good old clear out,  plants are the perfect addition to create a calm office environment.

As well as being very easy to look after, and unusual and attractive plants, Sansevieria is also very good for humans who share a room with it! It is able to balance the humidity levels in the room, as well as converting pollutants in the air into oxygen – so not only will you benefit from looking at this attractive plant, but your skin and your respiratory system will also reap the rewards! Particularly for asthma sufferers, this is a very helpful plant!

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There are a wide range of Sansevieria plants to choose from, in fact there are more than 70 different varieties. Plant them in a large pot so that they have plenty of room to grow. Where you place it in the room will also affect the colour of the plants leaves – if you put it in a light sunny spot such as by a window, the leaves will be a lighter colour than a plant that is in the darker part of the room.