How to support your child with their Maths learning?

Trying to support your child with their educational subject s can be a daunting task for any parent, particularly when it comes to Maths. It seems that the ways in which this subject are taught can vary greatly from generation to generation and it can be difficult to know how best to support your child. There are in fact a number of things that you can do at home that help to reinforce their Maths skills. When it comes to teaching them the fundamentals of Maths and specific subjects such as algebra, long division and multiplication and all the other mechanics of the subject you are better off seeking the help of a Maths Tutor Gloucester way such as who can tailor a learning plan for your child.

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This leaves you free to take a look at look at some of the ways in which you can reinforce Maths in your everyday life in a fun way.

Counting house humbers – this is an easy way in which you can help young children to identify their number as well as helping with the concept of odd and even numbers. For older children you could use it as a way to help with their multiplication or addition skills.

Cooking – this is a great way to bring in some of the Maths skills that they will be being taught at school including weighing, estimating and even time tables as you can ask your child to double a mixture or perhaps half the amount of ingredients that are being used. All whilst cooking a delicious cake with your child to enjoy afterwards.

Gardening – when planting new seeds or flowers in the garden take the opportunity to ask your child to add the number of seeds that you have planted. You can also add the number of petals on a flower or compare two flowers together to see which has more flowers. If you like to grow sunflowers in the summer use this as an opportunity to reinforce length and measurement and again compare a number of sunflowers and rank them in order of height. For older children you could look at the circumference of the flower heads as well as its overall height.

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Shopping Рlet your child pay for items with money. This way you can ask them to estimate the cost of the items that he have in their hand and work out the amount of change that they are going to receive.  Using real world applications helps your child to process the information much quicker.