Choosing a builder for your home extension project

How to compare merchants

The secret of any successful home building project is finding professionals traders who are reliable. Internet sites are a useful place to begin collecting information on comparing builders and contractors. Checkatrade is a popular site for comparing companies, inspections and service reviews.

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Search and compare local builders who are able to work on extensions and factor in the costs, getting around 3 different quotes for comparison purposes.

As with any service it’s always a good idea to shop around. It is always recommended to get at least three quotations from three different contractors for the job. You will usually need to ask at least five companies to get three quotes. Do some research first on how to invite contractors to tender for work. For House Extensions Solihull, visit a site like ifurb, providers of quality House Extensions Solihull.

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Setting your budget

When setting a budget for starting your work, make a list of everything you want to include (remember the two-story extension fee not unlike a single storey structure because of the major costs in the foundation). Compare your quotes with the goods and the prices of services and materials and always check that VAT is included in the cost. It can be a good idea to research the costs of different home remodelling projects which will give you an idea of how to budget.

It is also recommended that you set aside about 10% of the total cost for the inevitable additional unforeseen costs.