Are the benefits of online marketing still eluding the smallest businesses?

Recent research conducted by a leading firm specialising in reviews and ratings on a B2B basis has revealed that almost a third of all small businesses are currently operating without their own website. Some small business owners have even gone as far as to state that they don’t intend to ever invest in their own websites.

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Approximately 30% of small businesses are relying solely on social media networks to connect with their audience and build their online presence, with 23% stating that they did not believe it was necessary or relevant to invest in a dedicated website within their industry.

As this Forbes article explains, online and content marketing experts believe that a website is a must-have for every small business, regardless of industry or sector. Lead generation is now predominantly conducted digitally and without a dedicated online presence, it will become increasingly difficult to compete, especially within the Gen-Z and Millennial markets.

Entrepreneurs were quick to see the value in building an online presence, but increasing numbers of businesses with physical stores and offices are also now beginning to understand the importance of maintaining visibility within the online sphere.

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As many of the small businesses surveyed generate leads through word of mouth, they don’t see the value in building and nurturing an online community. It undoubtedly takes time and resources to build and maintain a website but regardless of whether you are selling Essential Oils like or cars a web presence is incredibly important in today’s society.

Developing your brand

Your website must reflect your brand and core values, and the process of designing a website will encourage you to really think about what your business does better than anyone else. Creating a strong brand will ensure your business is memorable for the right reasons, which means that when individuals need to access a product or service that you provide, they’ll think of you before any of your competitors.

Increase your reach and measure success

By increasing the visibility of your business, your reach will quickly spread beyond your local area, which means that your potential customer base will increase hugely. You will also be able to accurately keep track of your analytics data and maintain a thorough understanding of which marketing strategies are working well to further increase your visibility and securing successful conversions to increase your revenue.