How to Make Changes to Save the Earth

We often see a lot of distressing news that unfortunately tells us that the earth is in trouble. The climate crisis is starting, and as freak weather conditions happen around the world scientists tell us that this is a small sign of what is to come in the future. The time has come for everyone to act and make sure that we save the planet for the future.

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There are lots of things that we can all start to do and changes that we can make to help the planet to recover from the terrible effects of climate change – here are a few of them…

Solar power is a great source of energy and is something that we can all change to make sure that our homes are more environmentally friendly. From heating to electricity, there are lots of ways that we can adapt the home to use solar power.

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What we buy has a big impact on the environment – so much plastic and waste gets put into the oceans each year, so have a look for products made from bio-degradable materials like this bamboo toothbrush for example.

As well as cutting your carbon footprint you could also get fit at the same time – ditch the car and start cycling, and you will be saving fuel and money as well as the earth!

Meat consumption is destroying the forests and increasing greenhouse gases as land is cleared for livestock farming, so try to reduce or cut out meat from your diet altogether.