What to Think About Before Planting a Tree in Your Garden

We know that trees are the lungs of the world – having more trees in the world is certainly not a bad thing. Trees also provide a habitat to many species of birds, mammals and insects which are an important part of the ecosystem. For an example there are some species of trees, such as the English Oak tree that can support hundreds of different species.

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Many people love the idea of having a tree in their garden and the environmental benefits are obvious, as is the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing. So, when it comes to planting a tree in your garden, what should you be considering?

The size of the tree is certainly something to consider when you are putting it in your garden – make sure you research how big the tree will eventually become – if you have a smaller garden this is particularly important.

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It is also important that you learn how to care for the tree to ensure that it grows healthily – there are people who can help you with looking after your trees, such as this tree surgery Gloucester based company Geoffrey Urch.


Where you plant your tree should also be considered – make sure that it has room to grow and that also its roots are not going to reach underneath your home or your neighbours’ home where they can cause structural damage to the property.